Fun with Announcements – 4 Parts

There is a new series that I’ve written, about fun things that you can do with an announcements list in SharePoint.

Part 1: Create a Publish Date functionality for Announcements

Part 2: Create Alerts Based On Announcement Categories

Part 3: Modify the default “Current View” of the announcements Web Parts

Part 4: Create a “More” link to view the details of each announcement

Enjoy, and happy sharepointing!

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  • Hi Laura, Can we copy “Summary View” of announcement webpart in sharepoint 2010 ? Basically I added a column called “Area” to the Announcement webpart. Based on the “Area” I would like to display Summary view on different pages. I placed this webpart on Custom Page Layout (Inside a webpart zone). I was able to edit the summary view on diffrent pages with the filter “Area” but when I “Check In” the page, all the changes are lost and Webpart is displaying announcements in tabular/all items view with filter being applied ? Could you please help me with this ? Thanks

  • Andy, You’ll have to create your own custom view, such as in part 3. Use the “newsletter” style, and then your view will look like the summary view.

  • Thanks for the tip Laura.. You Rock .. It seems like we can not create a view which is exactly similar to Summary View, but we can come close. Also I can’t find any way to copy/replicate Summary View of announcements !

  • Andy, You’re right, there isn’t a way to do that.

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