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Summing Calculated Columns

This is basically a re-post of something that I did on a couple of weeks ago…

Have you ever noticed that in SharePoint views, when selecting to view “Totals”, calculated columns aren’t listed as an option for column totals? In this video, I demonstrate this dilemma, and shows how you CAN create a view that displays calculated column totals. This is done by creating a Data View Web Part in SharePoint Designer. Also, if you’ve noticed that calculated columns don’t ever show up in a data view web part, I show the fix for this, too.

Here is my video showing how to accomplish this:

YouTube Poster

Also, my buddy Mark Rackley, the SharePoint Hillbilly, has just written a blog post, that is a good supplement to what I show in the video.  He shows how to create sums for groups in the DVWP.


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