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SharePoint 2010 – Where’d “My Links” Go?

In MOSS 2007, we’re used to seeing a link in a drop-down box at the top right of our SharePoint sites, called My Links.  At first glance, it seems that this functionality has been removed from SharePoint 2010.  It’s still there, sort of.  Here are a couple of places that you can find it:


In a library, go to the Library tab in the ribbon.  Click the Connect to Office button.  This is the interface to add or remove a link to the library to the list of “My Links”, as well as to manage this list of links.

When you click Add to SharePoint Sites, this library is not only added to your own personal list of links, but it is added to all of your Office suite of applications, on the “Open” and “Save As” screens.

When you click Manage SharePoint Sites, the following screen is displayed, with a list of your whole list of links:

My Site

So, there’s your “My Links”, but doesn’t it exist on your My Site?  Yes, it does.  Go to your My Site and click on My Content at the top.  Click Site Actions, Edit Page, and click to Add a Web Part.  In the Recommended Items category of web parts, click to add the My Links web part to the page.  There it is!  Right click on the My Links web part title, and copy that URL to the clipboard.

What if you want the My Links link to be more obvious and accessible, though?  Yes, there’s a way to do that also, although it still won’t be the same as it is in SharePoint 2007.  It entails adding My Links to the Personalization Site Links in the User Profile Service Application.

  1. In Central Administration, click Manage Service Applications.
  2. Click the User Profile Service Application.
  3. Click Configure Personalization Site.
  4. Click New Link.
  5. Your URL will look something like that.  In this scenario, I have a web app just for the my sites.  Fill in an owner because that field is required.  Leaving the Audience field blank means that this link will be shown to everyone.

Now, when users are on their My Site, My Profile, My Content, they will see this:

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