Create a Web Part Page WITH a Quick Launch Menu

This is just a very quick how-to post.  I can’t stand those default web part pages for anything besides testing, because you lose the Quick Launch navigation, so I usually create a blank ASPX page instead.  These are the steps to take to create your own web part page.  This is also a useful method for creating custom form pages for your lists.

  1. Create a document library to put your web part pages in.
  2. Open your site in SharePoint Designer, and click File –> New –> ASPX
  3. Click the Format menu, choose Master Page, and click Attach Master Page
  4. Click OK for the Default Master Page.
  5. Click the PlaceHolderMain section in the middle of the page, click the little chevron (the little gray button with an arrow on it), and click Create Custom Content.
    Create Custom Content
  6. Put your cursor inside of the PlaceHolderMain section.  On the Insert Menu, choose SharePoint Controls, and click Web Part Zone.
  7. Click File and Save As, and save it to the document library that you created at step one.

Now you have a blank web part page that DOES contain the Quick Launch navigation on the left.  You can either add web parts here in SharePoint Designer, or from the browser.  F12 will take you directly to that page in the browser.

Another hint:  If you’d like to have multiple web part zones, step 6 would be to create a table first, and then insert the web part zones into each cell of the table.

Here is my video on this whole process:  Web Part Pages – Making Your Own


  • Do not know what you are trying to say

  • Thank you Laura. This information was very helpful to me.


    Hi Laura, I have a big trouble. My Data View webpart filter previous selection is not retained once I choose value from the second filter. Even though sometimes the dataview is filter properly, the selections are not retained. I have three filters ( I used your method to have just the filters that I want to see). I want to choose from all three to get the final rows. But when I make selection in one filter and move to the second and make selection, the first filter value rolls back to “All”. Please help

  • Soumyakurup, I have found that the filter behavior can be very flaky. Try and use parameters instead of filters, and that seems to help a lot. In the data view web part, create the name of a parameter, and then set a filter on the DVWP by that parameter. Then in the web part connection pass a parameter instead of a filter. See if that helps.


    Excellent article on the Quick Launch navigation!! Saved my bacon big time. Also good points on the Filter issue. Thanks again, Scott Barker

  • Works like a charm, as usual! Thanks a million, Laura!


    I attempted to walk though this using SPF2010 and SPD 2010 but no luck. It looks like your example is using SPD 2007. Any idea on how to get this to work using 2010?

  • Hi Laura, When I am Passing values in the querystring like this:- Parameter = Value1&Parameter = value2 my Performance point report gives me result only on the basis of first filter means value 1 not on value 1&2 both can you shade some light on the same ?? I am using Sharepoint 2010. Regards, Gourav

  • @gjain – you may have just simplified for your example, but if both parameters you pass in the querystring have the same name, there will only be one value retained

  • One very simple way to make a web part page with the Quick Launch menu is to copy the site’s home page (or other web part page), rename it and paste it where you need it, all using Explorer. For instance: 1) Copy the URL of your home page: http://MyServer/sites/MySite/default.aspx 2) Change it to a path for Explorer: \\MyServer\sites\MySite 3) Paste it into Explorer, Go 4) You should get a Web Client Network folder under Entire Network 5) Look inside, find default.aspx (or any other page you need) 6) Copy, paste, rename (ex. Copy_of_default.aspx), move to a folder of your choice or leave it there 7) Put http://MyServer/sites/MySite/Copy_of_default.aspx into IE 8) You now have another web parts page with no content 9) Edit the page and add this page to site Quick Launch using it’s new URL You won’t get to redefine the web parts layout, but I often don’t need to.

  • Hi Laura, This is helpful. Thx! Once I have the new page set up how I’d like it with multiple web parts, I’d like to be able to duplicate the file and have the web parts also duplicate. I can do this in SPD very simply with Save As, how would I do it with SP alone? Other people who need to copy the pre-fab page as a starting point do not have SPD. Thanks, Dave

  • tfountain, I’ll have to do a new updated 2010 screencast on this. I’ll add it to the list. 😉 Dave, I don’t think it can be done in the browser only. I haven’t tried it, but maybe a workflow could possibly do a copy item, and copy the aspx page to new?

  • Not sure if I’m missing something here or not but wouldn’t it be easier to just modify the Webpart page and have the Quick Launch be there, it’s so simple all you ned to do is remove this line of code in the aspx page.

  • sharepoint 2010

    I had to modify your instrcutions a bit, but they do work for SP2010. 1.) Make sure you have the “site pages” document library on your site to store the page in. 2.) Open your site in SharePoint Designer, and click File –> add item –> New Page from MASTER. give the page a name. 3.) switch to the advanced mode editing of the page you just created. 4.) Click the PlaceHolderMain section in the middle of the page, click the little chevron (the little gray button with an arrow on it), and click Create Custom Content. 5.) Create Custom Content 6.) Put your cursor inside of the PlaceHolderMain section. On the Insert Menu, choose SharePoint Controls, and click Web Part Zone. 7.) Click File and Save to save your changes

  • Thanks, “SharePoint”, nice tip!

  • I’m sure you have seen the posting regarding deleting or commenting out the WebPartPageHideQLStyles style which gives you the space for the Quick Launch in SharePoint 2010; but I have yet to out what combination of the following lines need to be commented out as well.

  • You are beautiful 🙂

  • Thanks for your help, Laura. This was the perfect solution for my problem

  • Mam my sharepoint server run very slow what we do plz suggest 250 user access application per day .please help us mam

  • Pawan, that’s a server issue. I’m not a server admin. You’ll have to look at disk space, RAM, network issues, etc.

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