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Data View Web Part Demo Reference

Today I did a presentation at the Rackspace Virtual SharePoint Summit.  It was a demonstration of what the data view web part is, and some examples of how to use it.  Some of you who attended this presentation asked for copies of the demonstration, so fortunately I have already recorded videos showing how to accomplish the same things we covered today.

Join View of Two Lists

There is a way in SharePoint to create a joined view of two different data sources, such as two lists.  This is the same concept as creating a query in a database, between two tables that have a common field.  Here is the link to my video demonstrating how to accomplish this, using Linked Sources in SharePoint Designer 2007:  4 Minute Video: Join View of SharePoint Lists

Create A Hyperlink

One thing that I didn’t have time to cover in the demo, but is fundamental in data view web parts, is how to create a hyperlink.  You want to be able to click to open any of the items in the custom list view that you have created.
This video covers it: 6 Minute Video: Data View Web Part – Add a Hyperlink to a Field

Display a List on Another Site

In this demonstration, I show how to display an announcements list from the top level of the site collection, on any other site.  I create a data view web part of the announcements list, and put the web part on a couple of different sub-sites in the site collection.  This also shows a good demonstration of the best practice of creating the data view web part on a temporary web part page during the creation process:
Display a SharePoint List on Another Site

And for future reference, here are the rest of my Data View Web Part Videos.


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