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InfoPath: Keeping the Approval Process in the Form

Last week, I talked with Michael Gannotti on his weekly webcast called “Coffee Talk”.  My demonstration was of a workflow process in InfoPath.  The idea is that the process is much easier and simple for the end users when you keep the whole approval inside of the InfoPath form.  This way, people can easily fill out whatever the form is that they’re submitting, and when each approver receives an email from the workflow, they open up that same form and submit their approval.

Here’s the link to the video of the half-hour segment that we recorded, it was great fun, and how nerdy… we happened to be wearing the same shirt that day!

Video: Coffee Talk Guest Segment Featuring Laura Rogers On InfoPath Form Building And SharePoint

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Also, stay tuned!  I’ve just started writing an InfoPath 2010 book for MS Press!

Update: Chapter 11 in my book outlines this whole process, step-by-step

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