Monthly Archives: October 2011

Your Site’s Most Popular Content: Web Analytics Web Part

There is an out of box web part in SharePoint 2010 called the Web Analytics web part, and it is part of the enterprise and standard versions of SharePoint 2010, and it is NOT available in SharePoint Online in Office 365. ** corrected 11/3 First of all, Todd’s post here is from an admin’s perspective: Todd Klindt: Using Web Analytics in SharePoint

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Cross-Site Lookups in SharePoint 2010 Enterprise

How to get information from one SharePoint site to another is one of the most common type of questions that I come across.  When you have SharePoint 2010 Enterprise or SharePoint Online E3 or E4, most any SharePoint list can be customized using InfoPath.  All of your lists and your existing InfoPath forms can look up information from other sites. 

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Link to a Specific InfoPath View

STOP USING INFOPATH In many cases in InfoPath, especially when testing, it is helpful to be able to click to go directly to a specific view of a form.  Of course, you can always insert a button in a form whose action is to switch views, and use a formatting rule to only show that button to certain people.  This

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