Monthly Archives: February 2012

Big Rackspace News (and a party)!

This morning I’m beyond thrilled to announce that Rackspace has purchased SharePoint911. Now all of us are Rackspace employees, AKA “Rackers”. Back in January, our team took a trip out to San Antonio to the RackSpace headquarters, to meet our future colleagues and see what the company is all about. Rackspace and SharePoint911 are a great fit with each other

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Control Formatting of SharePoint Announcements

We like to give people the freedom to add content to SharePoint as they wish in most cases, and we like them to be able to add announcements on their site whenever they need to. Do you ever cringe when you look at a SharePoint site, because of some crazy font or ugly colors that were used in the announcements

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Display User Data Fields for a SharePoint List

You have all of this data in SharePoint, and you have all of this information about the site users, such as their department names, phone numbers, and much more. Instead of asking for site users to fill out all of their pertinent information every time they fill out a list item, form or survey in SharePoint, wouldn’t it be nice

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