SharePoint Tuesday! Come visit me Online

Every Tuesday, Rackspace hosts a FREE virtual question and answer session.  Each of us on the SharePoint team have been taking turns.  On July 17th, 2012, it’s my turn!

This will be from 2 to 3 Central time, and you can REGISTER HERE to attend.

This is going to be a great interactive session, and I’m really looking forward to seeing you all there!  My areas of expertise are workflows, InfoPath, and data view web parts, but you probably already know that if you read my blog.  Winking smile


July 17th, 2-3 central, FREE


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  • Ok, here’s my question for SP Tuesday. I have published a rather large form (160 fields) to an SP2010 library. For new information the form works fine when a new form is initiated and saved. However for old data I used a workflow to create new forms based on data in a list.

    Here’s the problem. While most of the fields are imported to plain text fields in the form template there are drop down lists associated with several of the them. When I open the form, plain test fields are fine, However some of the drop down list fields show the correct choice, but most still show “Select”. When I look at the library I can see the data was correctly created in the columns but not when I view it in the form.

    I cannot think of anything that was different in the way I created the drop down lists that would make some react differently than others.

    Any help is appreciated and I look forward to your class on Sunday.

  • Here is my current issue.

    I have a Team site which is open to everyone (Read Access). It uses the AD group “NT Authenticated Users” to do this.

    I have been asked if its possible to change this, so one department has access to only one document library on the site. Everyone else still has read only access to the site. I do not have an AD group set up with every individual person in the company in it, so i have to use the “NT Authenticated Users” group to give blanket access.

    Is the above possible?

  • You’d have to remove NT authenticated users and somehow put a group of everyone except those people.

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