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SharePoint Permissions Video Series

Jennifer Mason and I created a series of videos for beginners, to explain permissions in SharePoint.  Now that the series is complete, here are all of the links to our posts.

  1. Understanding Permissions in Office 365: The Basics – by Jennifer
    • Video 1: An Overview Of Permissions
    • Video 2: Creating New Users And Granting Them Access
    • Video 3: Introduction To The Pages used To Manage Permissions
  2. SharePoint Permissions: A More Detailed Look – by Me
    • Video 1: Create a new permission level in SharePoint Online
    • Video 2: Selective Permission Granting
    • Video 3: Office 365 Security Groups versus SharePoint Groups
  3. Understanding Permissions In Office 365: Inheritance And Limited Access – by Jennifer
    • Video 1: Inheritance
    • Video 2: Limited Access
  4. SharePoint Permissions: Custom Scenarios – by Me
    • Video 1: SharePoint Site Level Permissions
    • Video 2: SharePoint List and Library Level Permissions
    • Video 3: SharePoint Item (and Folder) Level Permissions
  5. Understanding Permissions In Office 365: Tips & Tricks – by Jennifer
    • Video 1: Basic Troubleshooting
    • Video 2: Look Up A User’s Permission


We hope you enjoy all of our videos!

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