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SharePoint 2013 SP1 Workflow Improvements

I installed SP1 on my virtual machine. Yay.  For the workflow stuff though, there’s a bit more that you need to do.  Install KB2799752 (for Service Bus 1.0) and KB2799754 (for Workflow Manager 1.0). Andrew Connell talks all about these steps in his post here.  Also, don’t forget to run the SharePoint PowerShell command register-spworkflowservice after all that is done.  My full command (in my test VM) that I ran was:

register-spworkflowservice -spsite -workflowhosturi -allowoauthhttp –force

When I was looking through SharePoint Designer for some of the supposed updates, some of them didn’t show up until I had run that PowerShell command.  Here are the workflow improvements that were made that are visible in the UI, and I got them out of Microsoft’s spreadsheet list.  I’m not highlighting bug fixes here, just changes you that visibly see.

2817429 SharePoint Workflows won’t wait for changes to content approval status fields

When you used the “Wait for field change in current item” action, the “Approval Status” and some other system type fields weren’t available (Approver Comments, Checked Out To, etc)

Now they are there…


2817429 E-mails generated by workflow cannot be disabled for approvals in SharePoint workflows

In the 2 different task actions, there was no interface to select whether or not you want an email to get sent at all when a task gets assigned to someone. Also, if you looked at the Properties of the task process action, this is what you saw:

Before updates:

Now, there are a few more options that you have:

This means that if you change WaiveAssignmentEmail to Yes, no one will receive an email when the task is assigned to them. You can also use WaiveCancelationEmail by changing it to Yes if you don’t want an email to go out to the assignee when the task is canceled.

2817429 Incomplete tasks are deleted when workflow task activities complete

This means just what it says. When the workflow completes, by default any tasks that haven’t been completed get automatically deleted.Now, look at the screenshot above. There’s a setting you can change. It will still have the same default behavior, but now you can change PreserveIncompleteTasks to Yes if you want to. This one only applies to the “Start a task process” action. (inherently, the Assign a task action only assigns a single task, so this problem would never happen)

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