SharePoint Saturday Baton Rouge!

Next Saturday, June 21st is the first ever SharePoint Saturday in Baton Rouge, and I’ll be there!  Unfortunately, it’s the same day as SharePoint Saturday Atlanta, which I usually go to, but since Baton Rouge is my hometown, I simply can’t miss it!

I’ll be presenting two sessions.  Here’s the detailed info.  Can’t wait to see you there!

Making the Most of the Out-Of-Box Web Parts

Level: 100
Track: Business

There are more than 50 out-of-the-box Web Parts in the enterprise version of SharePoint! In this class, you will learn just how flexible and useful these Web Parts are. Not only will you get a detailed look at the Filter, Excel, Social, Rollup and Media Web Parts, but you will also learn about a few new ones in SharePoint 2013, such as the Content Search Web Part. You will then learn how to customize some of these Web Parts, see examples and demonstrations, and learn about new features. All of this is done without writing any code. Push SharePoint as far as you can using out-of-box functionality! This class is a mixture of 2010 and new 2013 Web Parts, most of them are only available in the Enterprise version of SharePoint

Seven Pro Tips to Become a Workflow Rock Star

Level: 200
Track: IT Pro, Developer, Business

In SharePoint workflows, there are several tricks of the trade when it comes to creating successful workflow solutions. In this SharePoint 2010/2013 session, Laura Rogers will teach you the seven main things to know when working with workflows. One of the most important skills to have will be the ability to troubleshoot and track your workflow. In addition, you will learn how to insert logging and even receive email notifications when something goes wrong with your workflow, as well as how to create beautiful workflow emails…and much more.  This session is geared toward people who already have experience with workflows, and would like to hone their skills.

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  • For those of us who are unable to attend the SPS Event, will you post your presentations on here? Thanks!

  • Joanie Davidson

    Hi Laura, first off I love your site and content, I came across it awhile ago while Googling searching for a SP answer and of course Bookmarked it! Do you make your presentations available like the ones you mentioned in the post above? I’d love to go through them (yes I actually want too! I love SP!!) Also, how many SPS events do you attend? I will be at the Miami SPS Event in October, my first one, looking forward to it!!!

  • I wondered where you were for the Atlanta SP! LOL! I spoke with you last year about CDC moving to 2013. Wish you were in Atl since I would have loved to have been in the sessions that you listed above. Maybe next time.

  • Thanks Marie,
    Well I was there this year, maybe you came to my session. 😀

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