Monthly Archives: November 2014

Office 365: Information Rights Management

Information Rights Management is being rolled out to Office 365 right now.  I read about it here, and decided to go into my tenant and try it out.  This is very exciting!  What is Information Rights Management?  The quick explanation is that it lets you have tighter control over what happens to your files (mostly just MS Office files) once

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Panel: InfoPath is a Dead End

STOP USING INFOPATH In October, at SPTechCon, Andrew Connell got several of us together to have a panel discussion on the topic of forms, for the Microsoft Cloud Show podcast.  The title is Episode 49 – SPTechCon Panel Recap – InfoPath Is a Dead End: What Form Should Your Forms Take? We discussed the fact that InfoPath is eventually going

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SharePoint and Office 365: Cross-site Content Concepts

I recently had a call with a customer who had a pretty common requirement. Their content editors work on files on a team site, and they want to have a way to have that content exist on the team site and on their main intranet site as well. Currently the content editors are making the changes in two different places,

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