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Summer SharePoint Power Hours

Hi everyone, I would like you to vote on your favorite topics for the next few Power Hours this summer.  I’m going to plan them all out and make a schedule, so that you’ll know what topics will be covered and when.  You may vote for up to three topics, and I’m going to take the top six or so, and those will what we cover for the next couple of months.  Please let me know (in comments) if you have any requests that are not listed, and I’ll review those, and will add any that I think I can demo.

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What is SharePoint Power Hour? It’s my live broadcast every Wednesday at 11 central

How do you join in the live chat during Power Hour? Join my Slack channel by filling out this form.  If you’ve already joined, you can go directly here, and I also encourage you to install the #Slack app.

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