Monthly Archives: April 2018

Microsoft’s New Podcast: The Intrazone

Yesterday, Microsoft rolled out and introduced their new podcast, called The Intrazone.   This show is bi-weekly, and is hosted by the SharePoint team at Microsoft.  The focus is on SharePoint / Office 365 usage, adoption, and how SharePoint works for you, whatever your role is in relation to SharePoint in your organization.  I’m excited and humbled to announce that an

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Power Apps Notify on Field Change

A common requirement in forms and business processes, is for a notification to be automatically sent only if a specific field is changed in a form.  Historically, this has been tricky to accomplish in workflows.  In this post I’ll show you a way to do it in PowerApps. In this example, I have a project form, and I want to

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Power Apps: Dynamic Sorting by Column Headers

In PowerApps, galleries and tables do not automatically have any sort settings by default.  This is something that needs to be built.  In this post, I’ll explain the different aspects involved in building this solution where you can click each column heading to sort by that column, and when you hover over each column heading, that heading and sort icon

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