Power Platform Online Conference 3/20

There is a free, online conference coming up this month, it’s NINE hours long, and I’ll be speaking there!  Check out the Power Platform Online Conference which will occur on 3/20/2020.

Here are the details about the session that I’ll be presenting:

Keeping Track of all those Approvals!

In Power Automate, there is a great, built in way to create and wait for approvals. Approvals could be around files, items, or even a row in a spreadsheet or database. The built in interface is intuitive for business users to easily approve items that come their way. But, sometimes it’s a bit challenging to get a grasp of what is still out their waiting, because only the sender and recipient of the approval have access to that information. In this session, you will learn a method of kicking off approvals and keeping track of them in a SharePoint list. This increased visibility allows for the ability to do more with the data, such as send overdue notices.

I’m also including copies of all of the code/files that are used in the demo, given in a URL at the end of the presentation.


See you there!



One comment

  • Vladimir Samoilov

    Great presentation, exactly what I need. Can’t see the URL you mention in the note above or at 6:54:40 on Youtube video.
    Can you please send this?


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