Have you Seen the SharePoint Look Book?

SharePoint sites can be so lovely and professional looking nowadays, even without and custom code at all!  I’m not very creative, so it helps me to look at existing sites, to get ideas when I’m building pages in SharePoint.  There are so many web parts available, and so many different ways that the web parts can be visually configured, it’s overwhelming!  Good news!  There’s a SharePoint look book, by Microsoft.  Don’t worry, it’s not something that needs to be installed or deployed, it’s just a reference for you, with instructions.   Each page is laid out like a diagram, with a list of all of the web parts that are used AND specifically which settings are configured.  Here’s how to get started:

Step 1: 

Go here https://lookbook.microsoft.com/

Step 2:

Scroll down and flip between the categories here, such as Organization, Department, Team, etc:


Step 3:

Find the example site that you like.  I’ll pick the Human Resources Hub.  Expand the Web parts used section on the left.


Step 4:

On your own SharePoint site, click the New button on the homepage, and choose Page.


Step 5:

Work through the list of web parts listed on the template, on your new page.  Click the Plus icon on the page, to add each web part.


Note that it will help to have some sample content in your site.  Upload some documents and create some news posts if there aren’t any yet. 

Also, notice that above the list of web parts used, there is a list of site features to be aware of.  You can click each one to see a set of instructions regarding how to configure it.


You can also download the look book PDF (a link at the top of their site)

Also, notice that there is a button to install each template on your tenant.  This isn’t required, though.  If you’re a tenant admin, you can install each one, but if not, you can just read the list of web parts and follow my steps.

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Last year when the look book was new, I did a full hour long demo on my weekly SharePoint Power Hour:



  • The lookbook pulls together a number of great ideas in an quick method of getting a 365 tenant switched over to the idea of talking about new capability. Has anything like this been tried for on premise recently? I recall back in the mid 2000s there were the ‘fabulous 40’ site templates which were ok as ‘starter apps’ – just interested if anyone has tried anything more recently.

  • I read your post it was really awesome after SharePoint sites can be so lovely and professional looking nowadays.There’s a SharePoint look book, by Microsoft. Don’t worry, it’s not something that needs to be installed or deployed, it’s just a reference for you, with instructions.

  • I have Office 365 e3 with full Microsoft Teams support. Is Look Book available with this subscription?

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