Free Site Management Training in October

All month this October, I’m offering my SharePoint Power User class called Site Management for FREE to you!  This self-paced, online course is over 2 hours long, with video lessons and demonstrations throughout each module.  Simply click this link and click Enroll for free. It’s also free to create a student account, which you’ll need in order to enroll.

Course Card PU Module 2

Here is the syllabus:

Introduction to Site Management

Introduction to the concept of site management, and an overview of the typical common tasks involved when managing a site.

Site Members & Permissions

Instruction on how to add members to a site and manage site permissions, including advanced permissions concepts. 

SharePoint Groups

Learn about the SharePoint groups that are built in on a site, and how to create new ones.  Demonstration of creating a new SP group, and giving that group permissions to a specific library on the site.

Item Permissions, Sharing, and Access Requests

Details and demonstration of how to share individual items, and best practices to keep in mind.  Learn about sharing a site with external (guest) users, and granting them permission.

Structure and Navigation

Learn about the concepts involved when architecting modern sites and navigation in SharePoint online.  This module teaches all about hub sites, home sites, navigation, and the different levels of navigation. 

Web Analytics & Reporting

Details about site analytics, page analytics, and page diagnostics reports.  Information about some Microsoft 365 reporting concepts, and how to export reports.

Site Settings & Scheduled Site Launch

Learn about some important site level settings to know about, and learn how you can optionally schedule your site’s launch when going live.

Search in SharePoint

SharePoint search concepts and your role in improving search results when naming sites and files.

Wrap up

Quiz and resources.


Back in February 2021, right here on my blog, I offered my “Managing Lists and Libraries” course for free.  Managing Lists and libraries is module 1 in my SharePoint power user training, so this is the next module in succession, module 2 Site Management.  Here is the full list of modules in my SharePoint Power User training, which consists of 12 hours of video training, labs, and quizzes.

If you’re new to SharePoint, here are the prerequisite courses to take, which are in my SharePoint Beginner training: SharePoint Intro (part 1) and Lists and Settings (part 2)

Here are all of my SharePoint & Teams Power User modules:

Module 1 – Managing Lists & Libraries

Module 2 – Site Management

Module 3 – Site Design & Web Parts

Module 4 – Working in Microsoft 365

Module 5 – Power Apps Basics

Module 6 – Power Automate Basics

This free promo of my Site Management course lasts through October, 2021.  This full course (12+ hours) can be purchased any time for only $30/mo. Subscription plans can be cancelled any time.  Current students can refer this course and earn 150 coins: 


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