Microsoft 365 Conference May 2023

The Microsoft 365 Conference May 2023 - Laura Rogers

Come see me in Las Vegas, in person at The Microsoft 365 Conference May 2023!  Get $100 off when you register, by using my code: ROGERS100

This conference will be held May 2-4, 2023, in Las Vegas, with a long list of terrific speakers.  I’m presenting a brand new workshop:

All Day Workshop: Power Apps Fundamentals: Extending SharePoint into Low-Code Apps and Forms

Workshop Hours: 9 am – 4 pm

Are you a SharePoint or Teams power user who builds no-code business solutions? SharePoint has always been a powerful platform for those of us in this role, because we can build what we need, quickly and easily. This applies to sites, lists, and especially forms and automated flows. Power Apps is the next big step for building customized forms in Microsoft 365 and SharePoint, empowering you and your colleagues to go even further than before.

In this workshop, you’ll get a robust education in Power Apps, and how they can best be used for your custom business solutions, built on SharePoint tools and features you already know and love.

Walk away with practical and easy-to-apply concepts, tips, and tricks in your organization, like how to create forms with parent-child relationships, how to manage cascading drop-down menus, and how to pre-populate user information in your apps and forms. You’ll also get experience in building out approval processes that get kicked off by request forms you build in Power Apps.

If you’re new to Power Apps and want to bite into the meat of what’s available in a real-world and practical way, don’t miss this workshop with one of the industry’s leading experts on the topic.

The Microsoft 365 Conference May 2023 is the world’s largest and most comprehensive in-person event
empowering you to achieve more in the modern workplace with Microsoft 365. This is where business leaders, IT pros, developers, and consultants come together to learn how technology can power teamwork, employee engagement and communications, and organizational effectiveness.

This conference will feature the best of the best from Microsoft and the MVP community to share a full curriculum of training for every level of familiarity with Microsoft 365 featuring Microsoft Viva, Microsoft Teams, Power Platform, SharePoint and related technologies. The conference will have 2 primary focuses, the latest innovations and developments for experienced engagement as well as introductory adoption, best practices, and tips & tricks in Microsoft 365. Benefits you’ll get from attending:

  • It is important to stay up to date in planning projects. The conference will present the latest
    information on what’s new and coming directly from Microsoft
  • It is critical to know what other companies are planning and how they are using current
    Attending the conference will give our company a competitive edge and endless
    opportunities to network with industry experts.
  • It is critical to get the best and most accurate cutting-edge information. At the conference we
    will be able to learn directly from Microsoft engineers who create the products and
    technology we use each and every day.
  • It is vital to be a part of an active and professional technology community. The conference will
    provide valuable learning opportunities to share real world experiences and gain tips, tricks
    and best practices that will save our company time and money.

The Microsoft 365 Conference is packed with over 150 sessions, panels and workshops for everyone
who works with Microsoft 365, presented by Microsoft’s leaders and community experts from around
the world. This conference embraces all of Microsoft 365: Microsoft Viva, Microsoft Teams,
SharePoint, Power Platform, (Power Apps, Power BI, Power Automate, Power Virtual Agent, Power
Pages), OneDrive, Yammer (Viva Engage), Outlook, Office applications, and more. You can increase the value of this investment in your business by attending my pre-conference workshop. The workshops provide a full day, deep dive experience focused on crucial elements integral implementation and success in the modern workplace.

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  • Elijah Shingleton

    Laura’s workshop was my favorite workshop/session of the entire conference. Highly recommend to anyone wanting to learn or improve their skills with SharePoint/PowerApps/PowerAutomate.

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