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Technical Videos Mostly around SharePoint 2007 and 2010

SharePoint 2010 Data View Web Part / XSLT List View

SharePoint 2010 Data View and XSLT List View

Show a List or Library on Another Site

Creating Hyperlinks in an XSLT List View

Data View Web Parts – Web Services

Data View Web Parts – Merging Lists

Data View Web Part: Permissions

Data View Web Part: Join two lists

Data View Web Part: Grouping in list views

Data View Web Part – Grouping part 2

Data View Web Part: Custom Forms

Data View Web Part: Conditional Formatting Permissions

Data View Web Part: Link in New Window

Content Types as Statuses: Case Management Example

Data View Web Part – Feedback Form

Data View Web Part – Rollup

Data View Web Part – The New Icon

Data View Web Part: Display a List on Another Site

Data View Web Part – Customize Display Text

Data View Web Part – Calculated Columns

Data View Web Part – AutoFill a Form

Data View Web Part – Ignore Folders

Data View Web Part – Create Hyperlinks

Data View Web Part – Form to Edit Multiple

Data View Web Part: Create Web Part Pages

Data View Web Part – Validation

Data View Web Part – Conditional Formatting Display Buttons

Data View Web Part – RSS Feed

Data View Web Part – Project WorkFlow

Data View Web Part – Query Strings

Data View Web Part – Query String Part 2


SharePoint: Making the Most of Content Types (Screencast)

Beginner’s Tip: Save Directly to SharePoint (Screencast)

Find out About Site Users within Microsoft Access (Screencast)

Old Videos, social fun stuff, less technical:

SharePoint Saturday in the Ozarks

On July 16th, 2009, Lori Gowin & Cathy Dew and I made a road trip up to Harris, Arkansas for SharePoint Saturday Ozarks! Here are the “on the go” videos that we recorded in the car:

  • To Arkansas 1 of 5 – Intros and Cathy talks about her presentations & SharePoint branding
  • To Arkansas 2 of 5 – Cathy talks more about branding, Laura talks about content types, and Lori talks about Infopath and web services.
  • To Arkansas 3 of 5 – Lori talks more about her presentation, and they all chip in about personalization services in the SSP. Laura talks about her web parts presentation.
  • To Arkansas 4 of 5 – Laura talks about an upcoming online virtual SPUG presentation, and she also talks about endusersharepoint.com and how the live online workshops work. We also talk about the Best Practices conference that’s coming up in August.
  • To Arkansas 5 of 5 – Lori, Cathy and Laura talk about the big SharePoint conference that’s coming up in Vegas in October. We also talk about how excited we are on the topic of SharePoint 2010.
  • Going home 1 of 3 – Lori, Laura and Cathy are now on the way home to Birmingham from Arkansas, doing a recap of what they learned at SharePoint Saturday. They start with a discussion of the morning sessions. Looking a little tired, too.
  • Going home 2 of 3 – Lori continues talking about Mike Watson’s presentation, and we talk about Cathy’s session she did on SharePoint branding. Discussion about Lori’s session on web services in InfoPath. We talked about more sessions, such as Eric Shupp’s.
  • Going home 3 of 3 – We talk about the upcoming SharePoint Saturday in Birmingham, Alabama on November 21st, 2009.

Netcast with TODD KLINDT on 6/24/09: Click Here to see me interview Todd at SPtechCon in Boston. Mark Miller held the camera and asked questions also. Good times! Todd is a server admin guy and Microsoft MVP.

April, 2009

Lori Gowin and I drove to Atlanta for SharePoint Saturday on April 18th. Note that I don’t know anything about recording, editing, or publishing video files. This is very rough. We simply turned the camera on, and started talking. There are no segways between segments of these recordings, no cute titles or graphics or music or anything. Once I got these videos off of the camera, I cut them up into roughly 10 minute segments. That’s the way I’m posting them on youtube. On youtube, you can click <Subscribe> at the top right, if you’d like to receive immediate notification when new videos are uploaded. So, without further ado…

  • Part 1 of 10 – April 17th, Lori and I packed the car and left Birmingham at about 1PM. As soon as we got to I-20, we started recording, with the video camera mounted to the dash.
  • Part 2 of 10 – This is a continuation of the first one. We discuss InfoPath, and using SharePoint web services in InfoPath.
  • Part 3 of 10 – This is all a continuation of the same conversation. In this part, I go into detail about a big policy management project that I’m wrapping up on.
  • Part 4 of 10 – We discuss InfoPath forms, SharePoint custom list forms, and workflows that we’ve done in both.
  • Part 5 of 10 – Still talking – Web parts, connecting web parts, using web services in data view web parts, and customizing the Employee Training site template.
  • Part 6 of 10 – We talk more about forms and the data view web part.
  • Part 6 and a Half – We pay tribute to Mike Gannotti.
  • Part 7 of 10 – On the way back to Birmingham, talking about the sessions that we went to at SharePoint Saturday, and about other people who we got ideas from for these webcasts.
  • Part 8 of 10 – More recap of SharePiont Saturday. Some about SSRS session.
  • Part 9 of 10 – I’m sure we’re boring you by now. We chat some more about SharePoint Saturday sessions, on topics such as Excel Web Access.
  • Part 10 of 10 – We mostly talk about Dan Lewis (@danlewisnet) and his great session on Blogging in SharePoint.
  • IT GOES TO ELEVEN – We talk about InfoPath template parts and also about customizing the Content Query web part. Then, the camera battery runs out – show over.