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Data View Web Part Demo Reference

Today I did a presentation at the Rackspace Virtual SharePoint Summit.  It was a demonstration of what the data view web part is, and some examples of how to use it.  Some of you who attended this presentation asked for copies of the demonstration, so fortunately I have already recorded videos showing how to accomplish the same things we covered today.

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May the &Source Be With You

This week during our SharePoint Shoptalk weekly conference call, one of the callers asked about modifying a SharePoint list form’s submit button.  Basically, when you fill out a SharePoint list form, by default after the form is filled out, you are taken to the default list view of that list.  There are a lot of cases where we want to

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SharePoint URL Basics

In SharePoint, it often helps to know the basics of how things are structured, and what the standard syntax of URLs is.  When explaining concepts to newcomers, I often take for granted that URLs are obvious, but they’re not if you’re not used to paying attention to them.  In this post, I’ll quickly go over some basics of a SharePoint

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Data View Web Part – Add a Hyperlink

This is an article and video that I did on Endusersharepoint.com Data View Web Part, The Basics – Add a Hyperlink (Article) Original Publication Date: Thursday, May 14, 2009 SharePoint User Level: Power User When a Data View Web Part is added to a page in SharePoint Designer, it is sometimes useful to include links to the content of the list.

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