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Webinar: PowerApps and Related Lists

On December 13, 2017, I’ll be presenting a free webinar for the nice people at VisualSP, called Related Lists in PowerApps PowerApps is the new way of building forms and business solutions in Office 365. Are you moving to PowerApps from older legacy technologies like InfoPath and MS Access? With related lists and tables, and SharePoint lookup columns, it’s done

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SharePoint Column: Count Related Items

I also refer to this as a reverse lookup field.  In this post I’ll show you how to display the number of items that look up to any given item.  For example, if there is a list of doctors and a list of patients, each patient can have one doctor, but any doctor can have multiple patients.  In this post,

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Cross-Site Lookups in SharePoint 2010 Enterprise

How to get information from one SharePoint site to another is one of the most common type of questions that I come across.  When you have SharePoint 2010 Enterprise or SharePoint Online E3 or E4, most any SharePoint list can be customized using InfoPath.  All of your lists and your existing InfoPath forms can look up information from other sites. 

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