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Free Site Management Training in October

All month this October, I’m offering my SharePoint Power User class called Site Management for FREE to you!  This self-paced, online course is over 2 hours long, with video lessons and demonstrations throughout each module.  Simply click this link and click Enroll for free. It’s also free to create a student account, which you’ll need in order to enroll. Here is

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SharePoint & Office 365: Simple permissions governance

In SharePoint and SharePoint Online with Office 365, permissions have always been one of the major pain points when it comes to end users, training and adoption. The user interface on the permissions screens, and the complexity revolving around inheriting or breaking permissions, are in many cases quite challenging to grasp.  This post applies to all versions of SharePoint. I

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InfoPath Button: Create a New Site

STOP USING INFOPATH This applies to SharePoint 2007, SharePoint 2010, and Office 365 In InfoPath, there’s a way to create a button that will create a new SharePoint site.  First I’ll go through the steps on how to do it, and then the WHY, and how it could be useful. Open a new form in design mode. In the Fields

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