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Video: SharePoint Logs and Analytics

Last month on SharePoint Power Hour, we did demonstration and discussed all of the various ways to look at usage logging and analytics in SharePoint and Office 365 in general.  A lot of people seemed to be interested in this topic, so I thought I’d share it with you here if you missed it. SharePoint usage reports exist at the

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Web Part: Most Popular Searches Relevant to Me

In my latest post called Your Site’s Most Popular Content: Web Analytics Web Part, I introduced the Web Analytics web part, and went over the basic settings.  In this post, I’ll show you how to take that same set of results, and personalize it so that it applies to the person currently viewing the page, using SharePoint Designer 2010.  Caveat:

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Your Site’s Most Popular Content: Web Analytics Web Part

There is an out of box web part in SharePoint 2010 called the Web Analytics web part, and it is part of the enterprise and standard versions of SharePoint 2010, and it is NOT available in SharePoint Online in Office 365. ** corrected 11/3 First of all, Todd’s post here is from an admin’s perspective: Todd Klindt: Using Web Analytics in SharePoint

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