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Power Platform Online Conference 3/20

There is a free, online conference coming up this month, it’s NINE hours long, and I’ll be speaking there!  Check out the Power Platform Online Conference which will occur on 3/20/2020. Here are the details about the session that I’ll be presenting: Keeping Track of all those Approvals! In Power Automate, there is a great, built in way to create

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Power Automate Approval to Office 365 Group Members

In my previous post, I showed how you can create a generic flow that can be triggered from multiple different places in SharePoint, and the site URL and item are variables to use throughout the flow.  As part of this real world example that I was referring to, there’s a bit more to it, than just clicking on an item

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Power Apps & Power Automate Convert to PDF

Previously, I wrote a post called Microsoft Flow & Quick Parts, which shows how you can insert fields from SharePoint into your document via Flow and Quick Parts.  Many times in business processes, this document needs to be output as a PDF file, in order to be archived or sent out to a customer. Currently in Flow, the only free

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Power Automate Out-of-Box Reminders

In lists and libraries that have date columns, there is a way to set up an out-of-box Microsoft flow, to send reminders!

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Email Hyperlink to Form

Over the years I’ve written a few posts about hyperlinks in SharePoint, and emailing hyperlinks.  Now with Power Apps, I’m getting this question pretty often.  In this post, I’ll explain how to send a hyperlink to an item in SharePoint, in an email from PowerApps, and how to do it in Flow as well. Here are my related posts: Workflow:

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