SharePoint Technical Conference (SP Tech Con)

SPTechCon ( is coming up!


Looking forward to seeing you all at this conference!  Presentations that I’ll be doing:

  •  Making the Most Of Out-of-the-Box Web Parts
    Out-of-the-Box Web parts are extremely flexible. This session will provide business users and project managers with a detailed look at the Filter, KPI, Excel Web Access, Outlook Web Access and Business Data Catalog Web parts. Some Web part connection tricks will be shared, and customizations using SharePoint Designer will be demonstrated. Developers starting to work with SharePoint also could benefit from knowing its out-of-the-box functionality before they delve into custom coding.
  • So THAT’S How! SharePoint and Office 2007 Integration
    Discover the best ways to tackle your daily work with the 2007 Microsoft Office system. Tips include how to use Instant Search in Outlook to keep all your SharePoint lists and libraries within easy reach, and how to use Excel Services Web parts so people can interact with a worksheet on a Web page. From offline document editing and two-way list synch, to workflows you can only find in Office, this session is packed with tricks you can use to increase your SharePoint productivity. Demo will include Access custom lists, blog publishing and dashboards.
  • HELP! Creating a Community Of Support for SharePoint
    How do end users obtain SharePoint-related help? In this session, we will go over challenges in helping and supporting SharePoint end users, and how to address those challenges. There are many different available avenues when it comes to SharePoint help, and we will cover how to consolidate that information to a single point of reference for your end users or customers to turn to. A SharePoint Help site and community for your company will not only make the users happy and confident, it will also reduce calls to the help desk.
    Attendees will learn:
    • Some user perspectives when it comes to obtaining SharePoint related help, and how to bring together available sources of help
    • Why it’s important to do research to find out what the users need and what they’re looking for in SharePoint help
    • Why it’s important to create a single point of reference for your company’s SharePoint users to get help with SharePoint, and how to tailor this site/community to your own company
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