Monthly Archives: April 2009

SharePoint Saturday in Atlanta Recap

SharePoint Saturday was in Atlanta on April 18th.  My friend, Lori Gowin, and I were so excited when we first found out about this event a couple of months ago.  I had immediately submitted an abstract, to do a presentation there. Since we live in Birmingham, Alabama, it’s only a two and a half hour drive over to Atlanta.  Our

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SPTechCon – Get $100 off!

When you register for the SharePoint Technology Conference (SPtechcon) in Boston, get $100 off because you know me. Use the promotional code: WONDERLAURA

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My Weather RSS Feed

Do you want logged in users to see a RSS feed of their own weather?  If you have MOSS Enterprise, this can be done using the Current User Filter web part and the RSS Viewer web part! One thing that needs to be done ahead of time: Your zip code field needs to be set in the SSP as visible

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