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Connect Modern SharePoint Web Parts

It’s called “Dynamic List Filtering”, but it’s the concept of adding multiple web parts to a page in SharePoint, and setting them up to send data across web parts, so that one web part changes dynamically according to something that was clicked on the other web part. Here are some of the things that you may want to display with

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Quick Chart: SharePoint/Microsoft List Data

In SharePoint online, the Quick Chart web part can show you dynamic data from a list!   As long as you have a SharePoint list (aka Microsoft list) on your site that has at least one number or currency column, you can use it in the web part settings, to display as a chart.  In this post, I’ll detail the steps

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Have you Seen the SharePoint Look Book?

SharePoint sites can be so lovely and professional looking nowadays, even without and custom code at all!  I’m not very creative, so it helps me to look at existing sites, to get ideas when I’m building pages in SharePoint.  There are so many web parts available, and so many different ways that the web parts can be visually configured, it’s

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SharePoint Audience Targeting – It’s Back!

SharePoint audience targeting has been revamped and renewed, and it’s back!  First I’ll tell you how it works, then for those of you who have been using SharePoint for years and remember the old way, I’ll tell you how it’s different.  First of all, as of right now, December 2019, there is no audience targeting for *navigation* YET, but it’s

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SharePoint Communication Sites

The new SharePoint Communication Sites are in the process of being rolled out globally in Office 365 currently.  In case you missed it, a couple of weeks ago, on our live SharePoint Power Hour, I did an introductory demo of them. ALSO, I demonstrated a bunch of new web parts and the improved page editing interface, which gives you the

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Embed PowerApps on SharePoint Modern Pages

** 11/2019 update: Note that this post was originally written in 2017.  In the meantime, a new PowerApps web part has been introduced to the product.  So, the embed code method in this post only needs to be used if the PowerApps web part is not available to you. PowerApps can be embedded on pages, using an embed code. Go

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Turning on New Modern Pages

SharePoint site pages feature

Some of you have mentioned to me that in your SharePoint site in Office 365, you don’t have the new, modern pages.  They don’t exist when you create new pages, and they don’t exist as a content type in your Site Pages library.  I’ve noticed that this is the case in my tenants.  One of these such site collections was

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