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Modern SharePoint Color-Coded Calendar

Microsoft Lists are SharePoint Lists, and these lists can be displayed as calendars. Conditional formatting can now be done on calendar views! This means that you can color code your calendars, based on values in the columns, such as an event category. Old Way: Overlays This concept of color coding has existed in the past, for classic calendars in SharePoint,

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Quick Chart: SharePoint/Microsoft List Data

In SharePoint online, the Quick Chart web part can show you dynamic data from a list!   As long as you have a SharePoint list (aka Microsoft list) on your site that has at least one number or currency column, you can use it in the web part settings, to display as a chart.  In this post, I’ll detail the steps

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SharePoint Custom List Templates

In SharePoint Online, when creating a new list, also known as a Microsoft List, there are several templates to pick from, in order to save some time.  In your company, if you have a specific template that you would like to create, to be used in any SharePoint site, there is a way to create a custom list template, using

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Employee Onboarding in Microsoft 365

When it comes to automating business solutions in Microsoft 365, one of the most common solutions that my customers have asked for over the past 15 years, is an “employee onboarding” solution.  I wrote an old blog post back in 2014 about this, and even did a series on my Youtube channel, of a way to build an example employee

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FREE Power Automate Day 2021

This Friday, 7/16/2021 my company, IW Mentor, is offering a full day of free Power Automate advanced training (usually $50/mo).  This is a full 24 hours in which you can take my course, which is about 9 hours of content plus labs.  The free day starts at 12:00 AM on 7/16/2021 and ends at 12:00 AM on 7/17/2021. To register,

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