List of SharePoint 2010 Web Parts

As of Beta 2, the following is a comprehensive list of all SharePoint 2010 out-of-box web parts, with a couple of screen shots thrown in there!  The groups are just the built-in groupings in the UI.

Lists & Libraries

· These are list view web parts for the lists & libraries on the site


· Content Editor – Foundation

· Image Viewer – Foundation

· Media Web Part

· Page Viewer – Foundation

· Silverlight Web Part – Foundation

Business Data

· Business Data Actions

· Business Data Catalog Filter

· Business Data Item

· Business Data Item Builder

· Business Data List

· Business Data Related List

· Key Performance Indicators

· KPI Details

· Visio Graphics Service

Content Rollup

· Chart Viewer

· Content Query

· HTML Form Web Part – Foundation

· iView

· Picture Library Slideshow Web Part – Foundation


· RSS Viewer

· What’s Popular – pick from content, search queries, or search results;


· XML Viewer – Foundation

· Web Analytics Web Part


· Document ID Lookup

· Document Set Contents

· Document Set Properties

· Relevant Documents – Foundation


· Choice Filter

· Current User Filter

· Date Filter

· Filter Actions

· Page Field Filter

· Query String (URL) Filter

· SharePoint List Filter

· SQL Server Analysis Services Filter

· Text Filter

My Information

· My Calendar

· My Contacts

· My Inbox

· My Mail Folder

· My Tasks


· Categories

· Site Aggregator

· Sites in Category

· Summary Links

· Table of Contents

· Tag Cloud


Office Client Applications

· Excel Web Access

· InfoPath Form Web Part


· WSRP Viewer


· Contact Details

· Profile Browser

· Site Users – Foundation

· User Tasks – Foundation


· PerformancePoint Filter

· PerformancePoint Report

· PerformancePoint Scorecard

· PerformancePoint Stack Selector


· Advanced Search Box

· Dual Chinese Search

· Featured Content

· Federated Results

· People Refinement Panel

· People Search Box

· People Search Core Results

· Refinement Panel

· Related Queries

· Search Action Links

· Search Best Bets

· Search Box

· Search Core Results

· Search Paging

· Search Statistics

· Search Summary

· Top Federated Results


· Chart Web Part

Update on March 09, 2010 – Added “Foundation” next to the web parts that are available in SharePoint 2010 Foundation.  Note that the web part categories have changed a couple of times, but those changes aren’t indicated in this post.


  • Laura – is this for Sharepoint Foundation 2010 or SharePoint Server 2010??

  • This is the list for SharePoint server 2010


    Hi, i have just looked at your list of webparts. What do i do when i am missing some of them ( half of them ) I belive that i have installed everything. best regards Carsten


    hi, ( again ) Just wanted to send you the list of the webparts that i have avalible on my site. ContentQuery.webpart Media.webpart Microsoft.Office.InfoPath.Server.BrowserForm.webpart MSContentEditor.dwp MSImage.dwp MSMembers.dwp MSPageViewer.dwp MSPictureLibrarySlideshow.webpart MSSimpleForm.dwp MSUserDocs.dwp MSUserTasks.dwp MSXml.dwp Silverlight.webpart SummaryLink.webpart TableOfContents.webpart whatsnew.dwp WhatsPopularWebPart.dwp Whereabouts.dwp so as you can see, i am missing quit a lot Best regards Carsten


    Different web parts are made available depending on what Features have been activated.


    Carsten, a number of features aren’t activated at the site collection level by default. I believe activating the “Sharepoint Server Standard” feature enables the Tag Cloud Web Part. cheers @cawood


    For the life of me I can’t find RSS Viewer. I have the aggregator but not the viewer. I have activated both Standard and Enterprise features. I have the Tag Cloud, but I want the RSS Viewer… 🙁

  • I see the RSS viewer in the “Content Rollup” category on my current test SharePoint 2010 server.

  • Is it chart webpart available in SharePoint Foundation 2010?

  • Thanks!


    There are around 171 webparts in both Sharepoint Foundation 2010 and SharePoint Server 2010. Thxs Satish Srivastva


    Nice save with the addition of the “Foundation” mark. Now for full points how about Standard / only Enterprise versions of SPS 2010 ? Mike Walsh P.S. I don’t like the idea of showing e-mail addresses rather than names, so you get (sorry) a fake one. P.P.S. There was an XML Web Part in WSS 3.0 – has that vanished in SPF 2010 ?

  • Hey Mike, Are ya happy now? I changed the field to say “name or email”. 😉 Good question on the Standard vs. Enterprise. I think you have more of an inside track than I do… does such a comparison list exist anywhere yet? Yes “XML Viewer” web part is listed above.

  • Satish Srivastva

    Hi Everyone, Finally I have created a list for SharePoint 2010 Web parts in my Blog. You may visit

  • I can never get the search core result webpart to work on with my Sharepoint Foundation site. After installing search express …. Any help


    is there a list of which web parts available in each site template? (i guess it depends of the active features in each template), thanks


    SharePoint web part list as a list;-)

  • Can anyone help me to find a list of 5-10 most popular web parts and instruction of to use them (kind of like tutorials) really appreciate it. Web parts specific to SharePoint 2010

  • Hi everyone. I’m making a SharePoint site for work and I can’t seem to find the media webpart (so I can embed videos). I’ve googled this problem and it seems that there is supposed to be an audio/video tab in the ribbon interface. However, I can’t find it on my site. I’ve also double checked the features list and it seems that I’ve got all the features that I need. I believe the site is made with SharePoint 2010 Server.

  • I take that last comment back. I solved the problem, with the help of more googling. It seems that there is another option called site collection features and there was a feature that was not activated. After activation, I was able to find the media webpart. It’s all good. 🙂

  • I installed SP2010 Enterprise and created a team site. When I try to add a webpart to a page, Categories Documents and Office Client Applications (and may be some more categories which I do not have in focus at the moment) are not available. All site collection features and site features are activated. What could be wrong?


    I’ve missed some metadata navigation web parts, e.g. tree-based or flat A-Z index of terms. Now I’ve found it here:


    We are currently in the process of updating our webpart directory. There is still a large number of webparts to be added, many 2010 Web Parts included

  • Has the Report Viewer Web Part (documented here with SQL 2008 R2) been rendered obsolete in SharePoint 2010 by the PerformancePoint Report web part? I’ve got a SP 2010 installed and can find the PerformancePoint Reports, but I cannot find anything called a Report Viewer Web Part. Is the SQL documentation just referring to SharePoint 2007?

  • No Martin, it’s not gone. You may want to check that you have all the right features activated. It’s in a category called “SQL Server Reporting”.


    Hi , i started newly in sharepoint 2010 and i would like to know how to set a filter from a pivot table , however it will NOT be connected to SSAS Best Regards , Ruben

  • Hi Ruben, Sorry I don’t even know what SSAS is, or where there’s a pivot table in SharePoint? Are you referring to PowerPivot maybe?


    Hi Laura This ‘List of SharePoint 2010 Web Parts’ is a top blog – just tells it how it is – no mysteries – take note The World – this is how to do it!! Meanwhile I come from a MOSS 2007 background and now that I finally got the SP 2010 role that I craved – I cannot even add a Web Part – click on “Add Web Part” and not much happens – no List of Web Parts box comes up – instead its this bizarre little zone at the top of the page – not particulalry intuitive. I cannot even load an image into an Image Web Part – cannot get to a menu of Web Parts. So, can anyone supply a Noddy step-by-step description of how to load a Web Part – in 2007 was seen as an ACE, but clearly a DUMMY in 2010. Also, please can anyone recommend SP 2010 book(s) that shows all the relevant steps – not this “SP for Dummies” – that in reality requires a lot of experience to understand (and that contains lots of prose writing about SP but no useful content about what to actually do, what to click on) but a step-by step screenshot guide with lots of explicit description of navigation (that actually works) through SP 2010 With Thanks Jamie

  • Jamie, Did you create the site as a team site in 2010? When the page is in edit mode, you’ll need to click the Insert tab in the ribbon in order to see the button for “web parts”. Regarding the book question, I just authored a book that comes out in December, and I wrote the chapter about the out of box web parts, and it’s even got step by step examples for many of them. Link is on the cover of my blog.


    I have found very little about the Whereabouts web part. I wish to change the dropdown options for Location, but can find no information how to do this as I don’t see the Whereabouts field type referenced by the Location column.

  • i am not able to see Links list in my sharepoint 2010 site. in 2007 it is there under tracking category. Moreover, there is no tracking category links in sharepoint 2010 Any one of you guide me in viewing this Links list? If i need to activate any feature to see this, plz let me know the feature name that i have to activate.

  • I have SP 2010 however not sure if it is Server or Foundation. I seem to be missing a few webparts and pretty much all my Features are activated on the site level. Thanks,


    is there a twitter feed web part out of the box? also, anyway to map twitter feeds out of the box?

  • Hi,Plz describe all the webpart customization.


    For webpart customization try this link: Per my SharePoint issue: My boss created a SharePoint site with a number of wiki pages which hold information on different countries. He wants me to use/create some sort of document which is automatically updated with each input onto the wiki page. He recieves a weekly email on all updates but wants it to be in a succinct form without all of the details written on the site. I have considered adding webparts (though I do not know which would be appropriate) and connecting them to a webpart of a different page which would have a more specific view. Could someone give me suggestions? Thank you!

  • gray, You can use the data view web part to do it. Woddy blogged about how: Katherine, I don’t know, I guess I don’t understand enough about what the requirement is. Would a custom crafted workflow email be a better solution so that the email text could be more specific?

  • Can’t see any Web Partin in iphone when i browse the page. Any help to make this availabe will be great. Thanks in Advance.

  • I’ve got some serious problems I think on my SP2010 which is a new build and has just had a SP2007 site imported into it…. I first discovered that I had no “announcements” option under Content Query, then I tried to create an announcements list in my top level site and found that there is no “announcements” list template…. Here’s my webpart list in total, it ends at the M’s…. and no announcements one… I think I must be missing loads! AdvancedSearchBox.dwp AuthoredListFilter.webpart BusinessDataActionsWebPart.dwp BusinessDataAssociationWebPart.webpart BusinessDataDetailsWebPart.webpart BusinessDataFilter.dwp BusinessDataItemBuilder.dwp BusinessDataListWebPart.webpart CategoryResultsWebPart.webpart CategoryWebPart.webpart contactwp.dwp ContentQuery.webpart DateFilter.dwp DocIdSearchWebPart.dwp DocumentSetContents.dwp DocumentSetProperties.dwp DualChineseSearch.dwp FilterActions.dwp FilterWebPart.webpart IndicatorWebPart.dwp IViewWebPart.dwp KpiListWebPart.dwp Media.webpart Microsoft.Office.Excel.WebUI.dwp Microsoft.Office.InfoPath.Server.BrowserForm.webpart MossChartWebPart.webpart MSContentEditor.dwp MSImage.dwp MSMembers.dwp MSPageViewer.dwp …that’s it..! Is there any way to rebuild sharepoint’s webparts, templates etc (eg restore to default settings) without flattening the site collection’s content?

  • Can someone help me to find the webpart for KPI IndicatorWebPart KPIlistwebpart I need to include on my sharepoint thank you so much!

  • Mark, There’s a feature you need to activate, I think it’s called something like ‘team site lists’. That will give you all the announcements and missing templates. Adolfo, Go to the top level of your site collection, and go to site settings and the web part gallery. click to add to the gallery, and you’ll have to find those in the list. I think they’re called something like “status”, they have the word status in them. Add them to the gallery and then they should be available.

  • Hi, I am new to Sharepoint Server today and just setting up a sharepoint site. Is there a web part that allows users to post comments / questions (i.e. a discussion board)? Thanks, Tory

  • Tory, There is a list template called “Discussion Board”. Create one of those, and then you can put it on any page as a web part.

  • Laura, Is it possible to adjust the Site Aggregator to show content created by other users in other sites? The goal is to have top level managers see what’s new in other departments without having to go to each site and folder. I assume my alternative would be to use RSS Viewer, but I would have to activate the Kerberos Authentication… am I correct with this assumption? Thanks!

  • If I want to limit access to a specific List, and need a user to see only the web part, how do I deactivate the title of the web part as a link back to the main database?

  • Saul, Try creating a variation of this, using documents instead of sites:
    Marty, Yes, just put a # in the title url setting in the web part settings.

  • Hi! I have a Sharepoint project to complete for a client, and I need to recommend webparts for the various functional parts of the site. I’m not sure which of these would work, and which would not, as I am very new to Sharepoint in general. I’d love to get some feedback or recommendations. Can I please email you?

  • Hi Liz, Here’s a webcast I did, where I explan many of the web parts and demonstrate them.

  • Stupid question. We want to have a blog on our site, what do we use? using SP2010

  • Robert, Click and choose . For the site template, choose Blog.

  • Hi Laura, You are doing a great work by helping out others. I am working on SP2010 (standard licence) and i need to ass a Filter Webpart to my List that contains 1000’s of items. But, i think it is not available in the webpart categories as we are using standard licence. Is there a way i can add a filter webpart in standard edition or do people employ any other alternative to overcome this issue? Thanks, Karthik

  • Karthik, One thing you can do is to simply create several different filtered views of your list. You didn’t say which filter web part you were looking to mimic, but you may not need to if you just create filtered views and let users click to selet the view they want.

  • you are so hot! you make learning shareoint fun!

  • Any idea why the “Search Server Web parts” feature isn’t listed in my SP2010 Foundation installation? I’d like to activate it in “Site Collection Administration > Features” but it just isn’t there. Help!?!

  • Paul, search server web parts are only in the enterprise version, not in foundation or standard.

  • Help with creation of a weekly status report wiki in Sharepoint 2010

    Greetings I recently found a link that showed how to create a weekly status report in SharePoint 2010 using wikis: ( I am new to SharePoint(and so is everybody else in this company) but, I was able to implement the wiki library, containing all the team members wiki pages so that each member can enter their own status information directly to their own wiki pages. The thing is I needed my have my created “weekly status wiki” as the “final view of all the statuses”. I would imagine that the users would complete a list form for their status update. Because we need to keep any previous week’s info I needed to find a way of saving past information. There is why I needed to find a way to “hook up” the status list (custom list, form?) and the weekly status wiki. I was wondering if you would be able to point me on the right direction as far as how to accomplish that? ps: Prior to creating the wiki, I used a excel workspace in sharepoint2010 . The team members did not like the “collaboration” format because they could not edit the workspace at the same time (just like Doug Allen said on his post: “Everyone has meetings they have to attend on a frequent basis, and everyone wants to get through with reporting the status as quickly as possible”). Any advice on this matter would be extremely appreciated

  • Hi, in SharePoint Designer 2010, When I go to add a webpart, I don’t see the Lists & Libraries webparts or the Authoring ones in the list.. Any idea why this is and how I can get them added in? Thanks!

  • Regarding your weekly status report… if you’re just using one big wiki library, just create a new view of the library that shows only the fields you need to see… with everyone’s posts listed. Then turn on versioning on the library, so that old versions can be looked at.

  • Amy, make sure the site feature called “team collaboration lists” is activated. Also, you won’t see any lists or libraries in that category unless you’ve created lists and libraries on the site already.

  • Where is “I need to” Web part. It seems this webpart is missing from 2010 installation. aha..that is a pain…what is the reason behind this? I checked on different sites and came to know that i can export from 2007 and can use it. But i do not have 2007 MOSS, now what to do? ? ? ? This was not expected . 🙁

  • Hi, I am using Chart WebPart sharepoint 2010 ! I have a doc library (containing docs) & “Review Status” column. This column has 2 options: 1.Active 2.Completed Let say…this doc library contain 80 docs… “Active” & 20 docs…”Completed” status 🙂 So can how can i show these 2 things(Active/Completed) on Chart webpart ! Thanks in Advance

  • Malay, It appears that the web part isn’t in the list of web parts, but I think maybe one of the site templates has it built in, like maybe the publishing site template. aftab, Read this blog post for a way to accomplish that.

  • Marcelo Rezende Ribeiro

    Is there an official document from Microsoft that list and describe the all default Web Parts for Sharepoint 2010 and their applications? Thank you.

  • Vikram Mulik (

    Laura this post is very helpful, but do you have any post stating which feature need to be activated to get particular web part.
    Eg:- We need to activate PerformancePoint Services Site Collection Features to activate Business Intelligence site…
    And one thing i want to post some of the difficulties i am facing while using OOTB feature very should i contact you

  • Malay,
    I wrote a blog post about the what’s new web part:
    I don’t think there is.
    I haven’t written that, but it’s a good idea.

  • Hi Laura,

    Your posts are briliant! I have a sharpoint custom list (WSS 3.0) and want to avoid users to add item more than once or avoid duplicate records. I also know there is no default option in WSS 3.0, which has a default option for referential integrity. Could you please assist me if there is any work around from the client side of SP.

    Many Thanks,

  • Hi Ehtesham, I think there may be a codeplex download that does that, which is something you’d have to install on the server. I haven’t used it in a couple of years, so I don’t remember what it’s called.

  • I have created sharepoint notmal sites, but the shared documents is not available under the libraries and under the list and libraries web part also

  • Sunil,
    Click site actions and choose to create a document library if one does not exist yet.

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