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Financial Roll-Up Web Part

During one of the migrations of my blog several years ago, part of this original post got lost, but the images associated with it still exist.  So, I don’t know what the post said (I wrote it almost 7 years ago), but here are the images that are recovered, and then the part where the text starts is the part of the original text that is still intact.  Then, you’ll see that there’s also a link to an associated video at the very bottom.
in the front of it.  That first digit is the item id.  SO, what we need to do, is get this URL, but only use everything AFTER the # in there.
  • Here’s how (Yes, I finally figured it out after much trial and error).  The magic formula.  Click to select a title field, and click to change it to be formatted as a hyperlink.  Paste the following formula into the Address box for the hyperlink:
  • In the Text to Display part of the hyperlink settings, put the Title field.  This is what it will look like:

    You should have seen me when I finally figured out that formula.  It was definitely a geek “Woo” moment.
  • After a little alignment and format tweaking, here’s the final product.  A true rollup.
Here’s the video where I show how to do it:
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