Monthly Archives: December 2009

SharePoint Designer 2010 (Beta) Item-Level Formatting

When a data view web part is created in SharePoint Designer 2010, there is a new way of formatting list items.  In the SharePoint list’s data view web part, at the item level, there are two options that can be selected, as shown in this screenshot: Show list item menu Show link to item Now, I’ll go into what each

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“Data View Preview” in SharePoint Designer 2010

When editing a data view in SharePoint 2010, using SharePoint Designer 2010, on the <Design> tab, there’s a section called <Preview>.  This title is a little misleading, because there are some pretty powerful options in this section, having to do with inline editing.  Jennifer Mason wrote about “SharePoint 2010- Inline Editing for Views”, which shows how to set up a

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The “New!” Icon in a Data View Web Part

When new items are added to lists and libraries in SharePoint, a cute little  icon appears next to each list item for 2 days after the creation date.  When a data view web part is created, this icon does not exist by default, so it needs to be added back.  Here are the steps for adding the New icon back,

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