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Data View Web Part Performance Tuning

In this post, I will show you how to do some performance tuning and troubleshooting with the data view web part in SharePoint 2010.  Please read my previous post called SharePoint Column: Count Related Items, and I’m going to refer to this method as a “reverse lookup”. This post is based on an issue that I came across on a

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Hack: Data View Web Parts in SharePoint 2013

If you noticed that the design view doesn’t exist anymore in SharePoint Designer 2013, here is a hack that I figured out, which lets you create data view web parts for your SharePoint 2013 site. Note that this is most likely NOT supported by Microsoft.  This is just one way that I figured out, so if you really need to

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Permissions Web Part: List of Site Owners

How would you like to have a nice pretty web part on the home page of each of your sites, showing a dynamic list of the people who are in the owners group for that site?  This is a great idea, because it gives the site users a quick reference list so that they know who to contact if they

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List Form Fields–Show/Hide For Certain People: Part 2

In this second post of the three part blog series, I will show how you can show or hide fields according to whether or not the currently logged in person is part of a certain SharePoint group. This is a three part blog: Part 1: Using an ASPX form, with a SharePoint list of certain people who will be allowed

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List Form Fields–Show/Hide For Certain People: Part 1

STOP USING INFOPATH Three years ago, I wrote a blog post called Displaying SharePoint Fields by Permission Level.  This one has the highest amount of hits, but it is an imperfect solution.  One of the most common questions that was asked was to see if there’s a way to show or hide fields in an ASPX form based on who

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