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Web Part: Most Popular Searches Relevant to Me

In my latest post called Your Site’s Most Popular Content: Web Analytics Web Part, I introduced the Web Analytics web part, and went over the basic settings.  In this post, I’ll show you how to take that same set of results, and personalize it so that it applies to the person currently viewing the page, using SharePoint Designer 2010.  Caveat:

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Bar Graphs using SharePoint 2010 Data Views

This post is applicable to SharePoint 2010 Server, SharePoint Foundation, and SharePoint Online in Office 365. The inspiration for this post comes from an old post from 2008 on MSDN called CSS Style Bar Graphs using Data Views.  I learned a lot from this old post and used it a couple of times back in SharePoint 2007.  When I decided

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Display Multiple Document Libraries in SharePoint 2010

A few years ago, I wrote an article for SPTechWeb, where I give a high level overview of several different ways to display content from multiple document libraries.  Here’s the article. A frequent requirement in SharePoint projects is to display documents from multiple libraries together. There are several different methods in which this can be achieved in SharePoint 2010, ranging

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