Video: Creating Hyperlinks in SharePoint Designer 2010

In this video, I demonstrate how to create hyperlinks in the new XSLT List View Web Parts in SharePoint 2010.  By default in a list, the hyperlink exists on the Title field, and in a library, it exists on the file name.  You can easily change your views to use hyperlinks on different columns in any list or library, by using SharePoint Designer 2010.  You don’t have to worry about “unghosting” pages when making small changes like this in XSLT list views in 2010.


  • Hello Laura, I am using the same method as you mentioned in above video and the link is defaulting to sitepage. Please let me know what may be wrong.

  • I get the same problem. If I attempt this on the default view (the one created when you create the document library) it works, but if I create a custom view and follow the exact same steps, the link defaults to the sitepage.

  • You need to include the default “type” column in your view. Then the link will work. Unfortunetly, you can not add the list view web part you create to a publishing page for instance and have the links work – they get wiped out. Still trying to work through that one.

  • When you publish the page and the links we wiped out.. try the XSLT Customise Entire View. Save the web part and upload again. This worked for me.

  • Thanks Jose for the update and suggestion.
    Also, I notice that SPD tends to stick a relative URL in there and I end up having to manually fix the URL in code view.

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