Video: Show a List or Library on Another Site

In this video, I demonstrate how to put a library from a sub-site on the top level site in the same site collection in SharePoint 2010.  Note that if you do this method, users will still need to have at least read access to that library in order to see the contents of it from the other site.


In the video, you’ll notice at that I mention to just save the default “All Items” view of the library.  This is because no matter which view you save when you’re in SharePoint Designer, when you insert the web part on the site, it will always show the default view anyway.  At that point, you can go into the web part properties and simply choose another view or edit the current one.

Here are my other Data View Web Part Videos.


  • Thanks Laura – that’s shown me how to solve a major issue I was experiencing! Have you tried this on a blog site? When I import my webpart that looks at the blog sites Posts/allitems.aspx, it returns a “list does not exist error”.

  • Hi Dave, yes, I’ve tried it on a blog site with the posts list, with no luck.

  • Hi Laura, Can you confirm something for me? I’ve created a list at top-level and using your method, am now displaying a subset of that list on a sub site. However, if I view all site content on my top-level site, I see a duplicate entry for the custom list and when I mouse over, I can see the URL points to my sub site. If I display the list on lets say 10 sub sites, then I see 11 entries for my custom list. Do you see this in your environment? Cheers. Dave

  • Hi Laura , if we are added documents in subsite library then it will update on home site also. Regards Pritesh Gandhi

  • Paige Lettington

    I was able to reproduce this (displaying a list from a subsite on a parent). I was also able to display a list from a parent on a direct child. However, what I really want is to display a list from a site 3 levels up on a subsite (same site collection). I tried it several times with no success. I get an “Unexpected Error” message with “Correlation ID: d56c7e07-8765-4d3f-a7af-31bab329ca6f” Does anyone know if what I want to do is attainable?

  • Dave, I tried it again, and I don’t see any duplicate items in the “view all site content” at the top level. It was nice meeting you last week! Pritesh, Yes, it’s a live view of the other list. Paige, I’m not sure, I see varying behavior, and get errors sometimes when trying to display on a sibling site too.

  • Thank you for you very easy handling tutorial. Every tutorial should be written the same way as this one. Greetings from London. Kristina

  • Thank you so much, this tutorial has saved me! Really appreciate your easy to follow, practical tips and tutorials. As a new SharePoint user you are my first port of call for everything I want to know! Many thanks!

  • Hi Laura, I was unable to connect through YouTube.So can you demonstrate the steps in text and Screenshot format. Thanks in advance. Regards, Raja P M

  • Raja, Open your list in SharePoint Designer. On the Web Part tab, click To File. (save the .webpart to desktop) Go to the other site on which you want to show the web part. Import your .webpart file to the page.

  • Liked you tutorial. However I tried this between sister sites and it does not work. I got a “list does not exist” error message. Is this possible or does thie capability only work between parent/child sites.

  • Carlyn, I haven’t been able to figure out a pattern as to when this works correctly and when it doesn’t. It could be related to the template of that particular list or content types or something else. I’ve experienced that error also, but not necessarily with sites that happen to be sister sites.

  • Great ‘How to…’ this, works a treat on the same Site Collection. It sounds like it should work across Site Collections but it’s not for me, I get ‘List doesn’t exist errors’. I’m using the absolute reference not the relative. Would you expect it to work across Site Collections?
    Thanks for the info great place of knowledge!

  • Andy,
    No, this doesn’t work across site collections. This is because each site collection has its own set of unique IDs for each list and library.

  • Hi Laura, thank you for showing us the best of the OOTB SP features. I managed to show a list on several other sites within my Site Collection but I am facing problems when trying to show not only one but several lists. Have you tried with several lists?

  • I am trying to display an email announcement list dynamically in the main body of each sub site. I followed this tutorial and had to create an announcement list on each sub site and create an importable webpart for each sub site, reason being I got error list doesn’t exist or something similar when trying to create on master page and import to all sub sites.

    So it seemed to work great, I had SSIS package sending out emails and the list showed the email telling users data was updated but what I have discovered is users cannot now create custom views of the main data list view on each sub site. Can anyone tell me how to fix this as I am so close to getting it working but need to have the functionality to allow customisation of the data list below the web part?

    Note: I have to click on the tick box of the message in the webpart list data to activate the list settings ribbon, then I can only create a custom view for the webpart announcement list, which is not what I want.

    Otherwise thanks for sharing how to do this but any help on the custom view thing would be much appreciated.



  • Stela,
    I’ve heard that’s an issue, and it doesn’t surprise me, but I don’t know of any way around it.

    Maybe try creating a data view web part instead of an xslt list view web part? In my data view web part video series, there’s a video on what the difference is.

  • Hello
    its work fine ,but i cant add list of type task list
    how i can add it

  • Hi and thanks for all of the useful tips.
    I just cannot get this to work – every time I try I always get a “list not available”

  • This is a frustrating one. It randomly doesn’t work for me half the time, either. Not exactly a reliable solution. :-/

  • Thanks a lot!!! Works get in SP 2010, not so much in 2013. You have any thoughts on that nut shell?

    (and yes I know this is an old post but great information is timeless.)

  • Yeah they changed a bunch in SPD in 2013. I recommend using the content search (or search results) web part in 2013 to show content from one site to another.

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