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The Largest SharePoint Conference in Europe!

Yes, I’ll be in London this April, and no it won’t be for the royal wedding.  I’ll be speaking at the European Best Practices Conference April 11-13, 2011:

Big thanks to Lightning Tools, because they have set up a book signing for me in their booth at the conference!  We’ll be giving away free books, signed by me!  My book is called:

Beginning SharePoint 2010: Building Business Solutions with SharePoint

The following are the two sessions that I’ll be presenting:

IW502 – Data View Web Part Best Practices

In order to create custom business solutions in SharePoint, data view web parts are often created using SharePoint Designer. These data views are commonly used in order to take list and library views to a higher level of customization, without having to write code. In SharePoint 2010, these web parts have been drastically improved. In this session, you will learn how the data view web part best practices have changed in SharePoint 2010, which has made them not only more pervasive, but more accessible. You will learn old and new best practices related to list and library web parts, compared to views of other types of data sources.

IW511 – InfoPath and SharePoint Designer 2010 Workflow Best Practices

In your organization, forms are everywhere. InfoPath is a program that lets you quickly and easily create forms for business users to fill out and submit. The easy part is creating the form… the more complicated part is finding out what needs to happen when it gets submitted, and automating that process. This is where workflows come in. InfoPath forms and SharePoint Designer workflows can be used in conjunction, in order to create a complete business process. In this session, Laura Rogers will discuss and compare the different ways that forms can be submitted and streamlined, so that the life cycle of the form is efficient and logical. This includes best practices around the form’s data connections, buttons, rules, views, and the workflow that sends the form through an approval process. All of this is done with no code needed, just making the most of the InfoPath and SharePoint Designer out-of-box functionalities.

Here’s the promotional conference video on YouTube:

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