Free Webcast–What Type of Approval Process to Use?

In two weeks, on July 20th, I’ll be doing a free online webcast with Idera!  The gist is that I’ll show several different methods of approval ranging from InfoPath forms to inserting signatures, and will talk about their pros and cons.

The presentation is called:

Form Approval Process: Best Practices

July 20, 2011, 12pm CST

In your company, forms are everywhere, from expense reports to travel requests, and they usually have some type of workflow associated with them. Approval workflows are a very common request in SharePoint, and there are several different ways to go about creating this process. SharePoint Designer and InfoPath are common tools that are used to not only create the business form, but also to run it through an approval. Depending on the business requirements, there are different best practices involved. In this session, attendees will learn how SharePoint 2010 and InfoPath 2010 can be leveraged the most efficiently to create an approval process that is best for the specific project. Improvements from 2007 to 2010 will also be discussed.

Registration URL:

UPDATE: Here is the link to the recorded webcast.

InfoPathHere is the link to the XSN file I used for the InfoPath demo: Check Request2010

(Extract out the zip file, and then right-click on the XSN file and choose Design.)


  • Thanks Laura and looking forward to seeing the webcast. Geaux Tigers!!!

  • Great session! I would like to know more details regarding how to set up approval in InfoPath. Will you include the information in this blog?

  • Arsalan Adam Khatri

    Thanks alot, I was there in the webinar.. It was really helpful… Need to ask some questions but was not heard by anyone… Can I have the material for the Webinar? The InfoPath form you created and presentation… If you can give? Also, I need to follow you on twitter but it says you are not allowed, can you please confirm… Regards, Arsalan

  • You always have great information. I especially like the incrementing for the form dynamics. Much less logic used to obtain the same result. I am having an issue, and seems it has happened several times related to the getUsername. I updated the data sources, but I get this error when I open the form, even after being published. “InfoPath Your user name cannot be verified because the form’s security settings do not permit it. Error occurred during a call to property or method ‘get-UserName’. do you know why this happens?

  • Thanks guys, I’ve added more links in this post, to the recording and even the infopath form. Larry, What are your form’s security setting in form options? Are you using the userName() function anywhere?

  • Laura can u specify the steps of the above concept. In infopath as well as in SPD how the work flow is created.
    Actually i am working on the sme issue but not getting it

  • Hi Vikram,
    Sure, I documented this whole process click-by-click and step by step in a 70 page chapter of my book:
    Using Microsoft InfoPath 2010 with SharePoint 2010: Step By Step.

    It’s chapter 11.

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