Monthly Archives: November 2011

SharePoint Adoption – Email Admin Perspective

Before I was a SharePoint consultant, I was a server admin at a large hospital system.  Here’s a quick synopsis of how I got started in SharePoint, and some ideas around ways to drive user adoption of SharePoint from an email perspective. I was an Exchange 5.5 and then Exchange 2000/2003 admin for about 9 years.  I was on the

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Video Demos of My InfoPath Approval Process and Workflow

STOP USING INFOPATH You may have seen my webinars or presentations about approval processes in SharePoint, or my rants about the difference between assigning tasks and sending emails.  On our weekly SharePoint Shop Talk conference call, I did a couple of demos recently, showing the way I create an approval workflow using InfoPath and a SharePoint Designer workflow.  Each of

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Web Part: Most Popular Searches Relevant to Me

In my latest post called Your Site’s Most Popular Content: Web Analytics Web Part, I introduced the Web Analytics web part, and went over the basic settings.  In this post, I’ll show you how to take that same set of results, and personalize it so that it applies to the person currently viewing the page, using SharePoint Designer 2010.  Caveat:

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