Two FREE Webinars!

Hi, I just wanted everyone to know about two webinars.  One is coming up this week, and the other has happened in the past and is available as a recording.

This Week – How to Use Content Types in SharePoint

Date: Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Time: 2:00 – 3:00 pm ET

In SharePoint, the concept of content types seems a bit ambiguous to most people. In this session, I will teach you what you need to know about content types to be able to implement them in your organization. In conjunction with site columns, content types can be utilized to create custom business solutions. Take your lists and libraries to the next level without having to do any custom development. In this session, demonstrations will be done to take you through common scenarios and show how to use the power of content types in SharePoint.

Here is the recording of the webinar.

Past Webinar – Tips for Better Project Management Using SharePoint and

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • the power of content types and how they can be used to implement standard project templates.
  • how files and folders from a file share can be brought together in a document library in a way that people can find relevant content according to metadata.
  • ways to utilize metadata, views, and a few other tricks to work more efficiently, AND improve SharePoint adoption your organization.

Here is the VIRTUAL INTERVIEW that we did prior to the webcast.  It’s me answering questions that they asked me about myself.


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