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SPTechCon in February–Sessions & Book Signings

The SharePoint Technology Conference is coming up soon!  I’m looking forward to seeing you all there!

If you would like a $200 discount, use the code ROGERS when you register for the conference.

Here is a list of my sessions:

Building Business Solutions: InfoPath & Workflows

Sunday, February 26 – Full-Day Workshop (9AM-5PM) – Jennifer Mason and Laura Rogers

Business Processes and forms are everywhere. In your organization, there are always forms to be filled out, and these forms usually entail some type of automation such as a workflow. Microsoft Office InfoPath is a powerful form-creation tool that lets you create highly customized and professional-looking business forms, without writing any code. When you use this product in conjunction with SharePoint and SharePoint Designer, you have all the tools you need to build a no-code automated business solution.

In this all-day session, Laura and Jennifer will teach you everything you need to know about creating a full-blown business process using SharePoint, InfoPath and SharePoint Designer. Some basics will be covered, along with common practices for form-submission approval processes and SharePoint Designer workflows. When you walk away from this session, you will be confident that whatever processes the business throws at you, you will be able to create a solution using the tools and best practices that you learned during this workshop.
Level : Intermediate
Audience : Line of Business Essentials


The Power of Content Types

Monday, February 27
This same session will be held TWICE Monday, at 10:00-11:15 and 3:15-4:30

In SharePoint, the concept of content types seems a bit ambiguous to most people. This session will teach you what you need to know about content types to be able to implement them in your company. You may have heard that content types can be used in order to upload document templates so that they display as choices for users on a library’s “New” button. Yes, that can be done, but wait, there’s so much more!
In conjunction with site columns, content types can be utilized to create custom business solutions. Take your lists and libraries to the next level without having to do any custom development. In this session, demonstrations will be done to take you through common scenarios and show how to use the power of content types in SharePoint. Many of these concepts carry over from SharePoint 2007 to 2010, but new 2010 capabilities will be highlighted.
Level : Overview
Audience : Architecture Essentials, Line of Business Essentials


InfoPath and SharePoint Designer 2010 Workflow Best Practices

Monday, February 27 1:45-3:00PM

In your organization, forms are everywhere. InfoPath is a program that lets you quickly and easily create forms for business users to fill out and submit. The easy part is creating the form, but the more complicated part is finding out what needs to happen when it gets submitted and how to automate that process. This is where workflows come in. InfoPath forms and SharePoint Designer workflows can be used in conjunction, in order to create a complete business process.
This session will discuss and compare the different ways that forms can be submitted and streamlined, so that the life cycle of the form is efficient and logical. This includes best practices around the form’s data connections, buttons, rules, views, and the workflow that sends the form through an approval process. All of this is done without code; just making the most out of InfoPath and SharePoint Designer out-of-box functionalities.
Level : Advanced
Audience : Architecture Essentials, Line of Business Essentials


Book Signings

Monday 1:00 – 1:15 PM

I’ll be signing two different books in this time slot:

Beginning SharePoint 2010: Building Business Solutions with SharePoint

Using Microsoft InfoPath 2010 with Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Step by Step


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