SharePoint Power Hour –Coming Soon!

It’s all about business solutions!

In SharePoint, there are a lot of us out there who are not programmers and are not server admins, but we work in SharePoint all day every day.  There are many topics that fall into this range which we’re referring to as business solutions.  There’s business intelligence (BI), workflows, InfoPath, governance, information architecture, search, and even site owner topics like settings and permissions.

7/24 Update: We had to delete and recreate the Youtube account (long story), so the URL has changed to

Starting on July 24th, some colleagues and I will be doing a weekly netcast all about SharePoint business solutions like these!  Come and watch our demos and ask us questions about SharePoint every week!

When? Every Wednesday at 11AM Central

Where? We’re going to use a Google hangout, which will automatically push our video session to YouTube live.

Interested? Subscribe to my YouTube channel After you click the Subscribe button, click the little gear button next to it. If you’d like to be notified by email when we start each session, check the box next to Send me all notifications for this channel and/or click Manage settings to get more specific.


Here is the schedule for the first few weeks.  The format will be a brief, informal demo followed by a discussion.  Come hang out with us and bring your SharePoint questions!

July 24 Mike SOCIAL demo and discussion, real world questions and issues we see day to day.
July 31 Tavis Reporting against SharePoint 2013 lists using PowerPivot and oData
August 7 Laura Data view web part troubleshooting (SP 2010)
August 14 Joelle SP 2013 search features
August 21 Stephen Anonymous access and breaking inheritance
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  • July 22 is a Monday. Is this the correct date?

  • Ms. Rogers, I am trying to use the sharepoint filter web part and search fields to enable office managers to sort through training information entered. I have included a youtube link below to show you what I am trying to do … I haven’t been able to find out how to recreate this … I have tried to follow a few how tos, but they did not work … or im not using the correct search terms to navigate to what I am trying to do. Im hoping you can help me or even point me in the right direction.

    Thank you in advance,

    Dionne Owens

  • Hi Laura
    Can reuseable workflows be used from one site to another?

  • Hi everyone, feel free to show up any Wednesday at 11 central to hear the answers to your questions. Dionne, I don’t see a youtube link. You guys can also ask questions using the “discussions” feature on our youtube channel.

  • Watched your video late (didn’t get the email update). I think you (collectively) may be right about Google affecting things as Google runs Chrome and Chrome is cranky with SP correct?

  • For my DVWP demo, it turned out that my hard drive on my VM had filled up right during my demo. What’s the chance of that!?

  • Hi Laura,

    How to hide “Resent” Link in Quick Launch bar using CSS in sharepoint 2013.

    Not using JQuery only CSS.

  • Hello Laura,
    I wanted to know if you could provide me guidance on how to display an association between a supervisor and their employee for example within Infopath. I’m creating an Infopath form that supervisors will complete. I want the form to automatically display the employees of the supervisor. Can this be accomplished via the SOAP web service?

  • James,
    The only way I know is to do it within InfoPath. First you’d have to go to the user profile service and set the Manager property to “replicable”. Then you’d create a form with a data connection that pulls in the user information list from the site. You’d then have to query that list where the currently logged in user UserName() is equal to the manager field from the user information list which is domain\username. So you’d have to concatenate that domain name on there.

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