Online Class: SP 2013 Solutions for Power Users

I’m going to be teaching a week-long online course very soon!  Coming up, the week of November 4th, I’ll be teaching this 5 day course for only $999.

CLICK HERE to read the details and to register for it.  See you there!

Also, on November 14th, we will be offering a one day online SSRS course!


  • Do you have online courses for SP 2010 end users?

  • Hi John, no we don’t have any courses but we do have pre-recorded training that we did in the past, which could be purchased. Submit your request here:

  • Hi Laura,
    I need your advice for disable an Submit button in a InfoPath 2010 form when it’s finished a Worflow process in Share Point for that form library. I didn’t find the solution to add in InfoPath form the right form ID. I tried to register the number of occurence of ID in a autonumber and it’s work if I don’t cancel the document. When I cancel the document there is a difference from ID saved on the form with ID document. Have you any solution to solve this issue?

  • Ceci,
    When you create a data connection in your form that goes to the same library your form is stored in, there’s a checkbox that lets you select whether you want to get data for just the current form. Just use that, so you’ll always have the correct form’s data. From there, you can look at the value of the workflow column or any other column, and use that in your formatting condition on your button.

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