Workflow Requirements Gathering Presentation

During our SharePoint Power Hour a couple of weeks ago, I did a presentation on workflow requirements gathering.  Since this video has a couple of associated resources as well, I figured I’d share it with you here, with the documents:

SharePoint Power Hour Episode 25: Laura Rogers & Workflow Requirements Gathering



  • In the beginning of your video, you mention that you use a workflow to approve a task that was created from SPD. Can you explain how to do that? I’ve tried, but I’m not doing the lookup correctly. It’s not finding the correct approval task associated with the form that is getting approved.
    Please let me know if you need more clarification. Thanks so much!
    (I don’t have Twitter to provide for you, sorry).

  • Hi Monique,
    When the task gets created, you’d need to have the ID of that task in order to be able to do anything with it after that. The workflow does provide that as a variable. Sometimes I’ll just create an extra (hidden) field in my main list (not the task list) and write the ID of the task to that field. Then anytime I need to do anything with that task later, at least I have its’ ID.

  • Seasonal Greetings..!

    In fact, I am looking for a business solution from past 2 years.


    I have around multiple applications (assume 20 – 40 apps). I would like to generate a common Workflow or a workflow framework for all applications.

    For ex: I have Leave. Time sheet, eDocs, eRequest, Payscale, etc..,

    I trust you know common business functionality for an enterprise level workflows.

    Leave might have a serial dynamic workflow approve system and Time sheet may have dynamic state machine work flow system. eDocs may have parallel dynamic work flow system. I want to combine all these multiple workflows into one place.

    Based on the app it should automatically trigger appropriate workflow from WF Manager.

    I apologize if it is not an apt place to drop my question.

    Let me know if you have a solution.

    Skype: varun.atluri
    Twitter: @varunatluri

  • Varun,
    You can create a SharePoint 2010 reusable workflow, which you can then use in multiple places. It has to be based on content types and site columns, so all of your lists and libraries that need workflows would have to make use of content types and site columns, not columns created directly in the list.

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