SharePoint Power Hour–Workflow Q&A

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve gotten various workflow questions in email and in comments on my blog.  In this week’s episode, I will go over the following questions, which apply to SharePoint on-premises AND Office 365.

Question 1:

Is it possible to create a workflow (either out of the box or with SPDesigner) that runs monthly on the first of the month? We want to just archive items from list 1 to list 2. a quick google search did not show a SPD option for this. I suggested custom code but I am still looking for an OOB option.

Question 2:

How do you copy a column from one list to another?

Question 3:

Please help! I’m creating a WF for CAD request & I want to complete the task through the WF. Is this correct?
<with screenshot on twitter>

Here is the link to the streaming YouTube video tomorrow, 3/2/2016, and it will still be there on-demand afterwards:
SharePoint Power Hour- Workflow Q&A

SharePoint Power Hours are on Wednesdays at 11 Central, and you can come and ask questions live!

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  • Hi Laura, Tim just sent me message for you will cover the power hour tomorrow for the moving date when is always 1st day of month from one list to another list. I am looking forward to that show hour. When will be the power show hour tomorrow?
    Thank you very much!!!
    Joy Wang

  • Hi Laura,

    I just purchased your book Step by Step Using Microsoft InfoPath 2010 with Microsoft SharePoint 2010 to create a in-form approval workflow. In my form, I want to retrieve the current logged on user name by using User Profile Web Service. I followed the instruction on your book and I am able to retrieve the current user name in InfoPath form, but when I published it to SharePoint, the field is displaying the system account name instead of the Preferred name. I really appreciated any help.


  • running a workflow on the first of the month – very easy. Information Management Policy can do it, or it can run every day and test the date, you decide what happens next. Create a one item list, ID 1 is current-date, a date field. Next, go to information management policy settings on the library and set a policy on the LIBRARY to run a workflow ‘update current date’ starting today and repeat every day. The content of the workflow is, update list item where ID = 01, set current date to Fx – today. That gives you the current date, simple to use thereafter. Just be careful of information management policy settings – central admin – run at time of day etc, it is a two step process. Also, if you publish the workflow, you have to re-enter the IMP settings on the library…. every time.

  • I have been developing a document dictionary knowledge base in sharepoint consisting of three list’s (document type, form type, and level). Using filters I can link each of the lists, however I cannot get the filtering to work for key-word search, only selecting document type pulls up the related form types. Would Query String Filtering work best with URL and Custom Actions, or should I be approaching this a different way?

    • Try using the search results web part and the search refiner web part next to each other on a page. That will allow you to use Tags as a refiner, and any other fields you need, you’d need to make them refineable too.

    • Ok, I will give this a try and get back to you.

  • Hey Laura, do you have any tutorials on extending SharePoint Workflow actions? I need to extend the email action so I can define the “From” address, Add Attachments and send external emails from Office 365.

  • Thanks Laura I will check i out.

  • Martin De Block

    Hey Laura,

    I was wondering if there is an easy way of counting the number of approved documents or/an number of documents that received feed back in any given library?


  • Has anyone found a solution that would enable SPD workflows to send email as “Plain Text” vice HTML? There used to be an old Codeplex solution but that only work on-prem. I’m looking for a solution that will work in O365.

  • Do you have classes to help learn about workflows and infopaths

    • I have a workflows and forms class, and most people are moving away from InfoPath, so I’m going to have a separate InfoPath class soon.

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