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InfoPath Q&A on Power Hour


Tomorrow, March 16th, 2016, I will be answering a list of questions about InfoPath, live on my SharePoint Power Hour show, here at 11 central:

This old post of mine, InfoPath – Query Specific SharePoint List Data, has accumulated 103 comments since 2011 when I posted it.  Also, InfoPath: Pre-populate the People Picker has gotten 79 comments.

I have already done a couple of power hour episodes covering these topics:

So in this new Power Hour, I am planning on covering some specific scenarios that people have brought up, that were too complex to be able to answer in a blog comment.  The prerequisite for this session will be that you have already watched the two other sessions and understand those concepts.  Here are some of the questions I’ll be answering, and demonstrating, which are more advanced that the basic stuff that’s already been covered in the other videos.

On querying:

Brock: How would this work if for example a State fell into two different Regions? I have a situation where this is a requirement, and I don’t want to have to duplicate all the work for each State that has multiple Regions.  (Technically I will be doing this 3 or 4 levels deep, and the number of duplicates will start to grow exponentially)

Querying and a calculation:

Yuges: I need your guidance for below.  I’ve an issue on calculating lookup value from other list.. I have List called “Product”. in that I have column name “ProductCode”(Single line text) and “Unit Price”(number with 2 decimal). I’ve created a new custom list called “Purchase Form”.  In that “Purchase Form” I want to have below:

– A auto sequence column “Purchase ID” which will auto generate as “PO-15-####”. The behind number will start from 2001.

– A lookup column of “ProductCode” which will be in Choice mode.  A column which have “Unit Price” from another list will automatically generated when we choose the “ProductCode”.

– The main important column is “Purchased Value” which will calculate [Purchased Qty*Unit Price] and results will be in currency or number. [I will another column called “Purchased Qty”(number).]

I’ve tried lookup but unable to do the calculate. I need to have a workaround without using any backend commands.  Please help me to guide how to do in SharePoint 2013 or InfoPath 2013 without having workflow involved.

Pull in other field values:

Mary:  I have built the cascading fields, but now I am curious how you populate other fields from one of the list. For instance, I have three lists: Team, Program and Task. When I select a Team it updates my options within the Program List. I then select one of the Programs which then updates my options in my task list. Within my Task list, I have two other fields that I would like to be automatically populated once the task is selected and that is my Duration and my Description. These fields should not be a dropdown and should simply have the data imputed into them based on task that is selected.

Concatenating data from other fields:

Venkatesh: Does the same solution work when I try to populate a text box on the InfoPath form with concatenated values from a Sharepoint list column, filtered on a seperate field from the InfoPath form?

Filter the drop-down:

Christy: Hello Laura. Is it possible to add an item to the drop down list/options that only a specific group can see? thanks

ID showing in drop-down later:

Ginni: I am struck in a problem after the form is submitted to Sharepoint List. I have two dropwdowns BU and Sub-BU. Sub-Bu will get the data when we have select some value from BU. This is perfectly done. I selected the value in Sub-BU and submit the form.  When I open the list item in Edit mode then Sub-BU dropdown shows only the saved records’s ID (no the Display value) and no other values in the dropdown even if that dropdown have more than that. But, for BU dropdown it works fine. only in the case of cascading dropdown.

Get List Item URL via data connection:

Sonia: Hi Laura, I’ve used your blog from time to time, Thank you its been a great resource. I’ve got my lookup to another list working within SharePoint but I need to render the URL.  To be more precise, we set up a tasks list. On this task list we’d like the Assigned To person to be able to have a link back to the original submitted request because it has attachments they will have to review.  We are able to pull the original request with a second data connection but we can’t get the URL to come up. We’ve tried a few other methods we found by googling but essentially we are stuck.  Do you have any suggestions? Thanks so much!

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