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New Solution: Implementing a Standard Approval Workflow

160x600_speaker_badge [SUMMIT]This week, I’m doing a new presentation that teaches a new way to implement a standard approval workflow in your organization, with the ability to use it for many different approval processes very easily, with little re-work each time there is a new type of request form to create.

Here’s the abstract:

Creating an Approval Workflow & Interface

Approvals are the most common type of processes that companies use in SharePoint. Getting around in a SharePoint site and understanding how to interact with and trigger workflows can be tricky for end users sometimes. In this session, you will learn about some of the simple ways that approvals can be used in SharePoint, as well as how to create an easy user interface, to make the process as painless as possible for the business users.

In my session, I cover a solution that answers the following requirements:

A standardized approach to all request forms in the organization

– Tasks are assigned to people for approvals.

– Infinite number of types of requests

– Requests are easy to manage

– Approvers can’t edit the original request

– Approvers can see a list of items awaiting their action

– Don’t use InfoPath form library forms


I’m doing this presentation at two different events this week:

If you’d like to come see me in person, I’ll be presenting this at our Birmingham, Alabama SharePoint User Group meeting on Tuesday, 5/10.

Also, there is an awesome virtual event called the Collab365 Summit, that runs from May 10-12th.  I’ll be speaking there.  I’ve pre-recorded my session, so that while my session is playing I’ll be able to chat with the audience the whole time, and answer questions.  This is a free conference that you can attend from the comfort of your own home, and there is going to be an amazing lineup of speakers!  All of the sessions will also be available on-demand later.  Here is the recording:

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