#MSIgnite Wrap Up and Fun Videos

Microsoft’s huge Ignite conference was in Atlanta in September.  This is my wrap up of my experience there.  Here’s what I’ll cover… my sessions that I presented, some pictures that I took, and some videos we recorded.

Adam Harmetz and I did a session called Get the most out of the new Microsoft SharePoint.  We explain how this new, modern interface applies to you, in your role as an IT Pro, an end user, and a “citizen developer”.  This is not a technical session, but we do talk about concepts like user adoption and governance in relation to this new experience in SharePoint.



Also, I did a small, 20 minute session about requirements gathering in SharePoint, which I have an older recording of here:

Then also, I did a 20 minute session about PowerApps.  That one wasn’t recorded, but I plan on doing a more up-to-date demo of PowerApps in an upcoming SharePoint Power Hour.

Throughout the week at Ignite, I hung out in the Harmon.ie booth, and interviewed a bunch of my SharePoint MVP friends and community influencers. I asked them a few questions, and their names are displayed in the videos…

How are you and your clients keeping pace with the rapid changes in Office 365?

Are the rapid changes in Office 365 creating problems for end users?

Is Microsoft’s hybrid model helping users transition to Office 365?

Is Microsoft going to see competition from Slack?

How has your role as a SharePoint expert changed over the past year?

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