Speaking at Microsoft Ignite 2018

Next month, Microsoft’s big Ignite conference will be held from September 24-28, in Orlando, FL.  I’m excited to announce that I’ll be a speaker!

Here are the sessions that I’ll be presenting:

Best practices for using logic in your PowerApps

Has your organization started embracing Microsoft PowerApps as the new standard for creating custom business forms and apps? PowerApps provides an easy interface that allows forms and apps to be customized for your requirements. When a solution demands advanced functionality, formulas can be utilized to conditionally hide or show fields, change colors, and perform a myriad of other dynamic tasks.

In this session, learn how to get the most out of PowerApps, by mastering controls like Forms, Data Cards, and Galleries. By learning the properties, functions, and interactions of these controls, you will gain an understanding of the best way to customize your forms and apps to meet your business needs.

New out-of-box approvals in SharePoint

Do your business users need a way to easily run approval processes for documents or forms in SharePoint? Microsoft Flow presents a great opportunity to modernize and increase the capabilities of your automated business processes. The requirements of your workflows may range from simple to complex, and they all vary when it comes to flexibility and functionality. In this session, learn the capabilities of Microsoft Flow and how to successfully build your next process automation in SharePoint. Learn how to transition from workflows with SharePoint 2010 out-of-box workflows or SharePoint Designer task actions, to the new way with Microsoft Flow.

Moving from InfoPath to PowerApps: Introduction to terminology (20 minute theater session)

For 13 years, InfoPath has been Microsoft’s official method of creating business forms in SharePoint. Now that InfoPath has been phased out, PowerApps is the new way of creating no-code forms. In this session, Laura Rogers introduces how to create PowerApps, and specifically how to translate your common InfoPath form terminology into the new way in PowerApps.


LIVE SharePoint Power Hour (Podcast)

Wednesday, September 26
10:45 AM – 11:55 AM EST


This will be held in the podcast center at Ignite.  SharePoint Power Hour is our weekly show, geared towards business users and power users. Joelle Farley and I discuss and demonstrate solutions and tips, related to SharePoint, PowerApps, Microsoft Flow, and other Office 365 apps. Business productivity and out-of-box (no code) solutions.


I’m looking forward to seeing you there!

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