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Microsoft Flow Virtual Conference

Microsoft’s virtual conference is tomorrow!  And it’s all about Microsoft Flow!

There are dozens of great speakers, and several different tracks!

My session is called:

Upgrade your skills: Modern Out-of-box Approvals

Do your business users need a way to easily use approval workflows? Microsoft Flow presents a great opportunity to modernize and increase the capabilities of your automated business processes, and upgrade from the old way of doing things in SharePoint Designer. The requirements of your workflows may range from simple to complex, and they all vary when it comes to flexibility and functionality. In this session, learn the most useful capabilities of Microsoft Flow, when it comes to approval processes, and how to successfully build your next automation. Learn how to transition from workflows with SharePoint 2010 out-of-box workflows or SharePoint Designer task actions, to the new way with Microsoft Flow.


This is a pretty basic session, it doesn’t get too complex or advanced, but I do show some of the more advanced capabilities and what’s possible, toward the end.

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